Sara Stokes – BEyond Bad Boy

We’re all very familiar with the Langston Hughes poem that begins, What happens to a dream deferred? What if the accompanying lines went something like:

Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun,
or could it possibly
wilt in the breeze
until the proper light is shed upon it
so it can get back on its correct path of blessed growth?

This is a story that former Bad Boy recording artist Sara Stokes knows all too well.

It seemed like the makings of a perfect situation (or at least DA perfect BAND). Reality TV airtime (BEfore it was such a HUGE entity), lots of FREE publicity, a “family-based” group and environment(all I can think about is Babs saying “Let ‘em fight…let ‘em fight”), and of course, loads of Mr. Suave Moneybags himself…Sean “Diddy” Combs. So what brought an abrupt end to the musical careers of Dylan “Dilinjah” John, Rodney “Chopper City” Hill, Lynese “Babs Bunny” Wile, Lloyd “Ness” Mathis, Fredrick “Freddy P” Watson, and Sara Stokes? All musical components seemed to BE aligned & in place, and it’s obvious the MTV series Making the Band wasn’t the issue due to there BEing a multitude of following seasons delivering hit stage acts such as Danity Kane, Day 26, Donnie Klang, and now Dirty Money (Making His Band).
The constant elevator ride of Bad Boy’s 2nd generation’s lime (and lack there of) is the makings of a completely different story, but this saga tells the BEginning of a success story for Da Band’s 1st Lady and only singer…Miss Sara Stokes. Sara has BEen through a world-wind of ups and downs, from the separation of Da Band (and Bad Boy), highly publicized domestic violence, and a constant quest for notable fame and happiness, but is sparing no time looking backwards.

Sara sat down with me for an EXCLUSIVE one-on-one at the Pre-Opening of The Weave shop in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Initially, Sara naturally blended in with select invited guests including Lisa Wu Hartwell of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but as I sat and watched the undisguised bombshell strut through the crowd, not only did I instantly remember her MTV and Bad Boy stint, I knew at that moment, BE Magazine readers would love and appreciate a follow-up with the absent songstress.

Check out our VIDEO INTERVIEW with Da Band’s former first lady.

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