Recycled & Re-Threaded on the Runway

On May 9th, the City of Savannah really took the initiative to inspire local artists to think outside of the box and to produce wonderful pieces of art with reused discarded items. The ReDeSign Art Exhibit and Rethreaded Fashion Show was apart of the events sponsored by the city’s Recycling and Litter Services Department held at the Charles Morris Center during the Savannah Urban Arts Festival. The designers used anything from old potato chip bags to duct tape and creating their pieces of art. “It’s the way of the future, eventually people will see that everything is a medium as a process and people will be reusing everything,” said redesign artist Brian MacGregor. “My students and me who created all these garments, they took all these items and they brainstormed and said ‘okay how can we make a skirt’ or ‘what will make a skirt?’ and it was a lot of fun,” said David Poole, designer & SSU professor.

I had a chance to sit with three of the artist behind the works on display at the gallery. Thanks to Jack and Miriam Hodesh at New Moon of Savannah, I was able to speak with the artist about their inspirations behind what they had created. It was truly refreshing to see the minds that took rustic items and transformed them into wonderful artistic pieces and experiences.

Jessie Boone

Jessie Boone, a self-tilted voyeur, captures the day to day beauty of random people and things with her lens and translates those experiences with the use of oil based pants. As a graduate of SCAD, Jessie Boone, definitely has an eye and passion for the arts. Jessie grew up in Cincinnati, OH. In 1998, and moved to Athens, OH to attend Ohio University; graduating in November of 2002, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree- concentration in painting. After graduating from O.U. she became a freelance artist, and worked administrative staff for ArtWorks, a non-profit organization in downtown Cincinnati that supports/provides public art for the city. Jessie currently resides in Savannah, GA, having graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with her Masters of Fine Art in painting in 2007. She is now an Exhibition Designer for the Savannah College of Art and Design. In her spare time, she works as a freelance artist.

Jessie finds herself watching people a lot. She could sit for hours and watch the people around her because “people are most real when they do not realize that they are being watched.” They are completely themselves. Jessie’s paintings document breaches of personal space, which create momentary intimacy between strangers. The common denominator is that each person is in the midst of an introverted action in a public space. By the simple act of watching she participates in self-absorbed moments. Her gaze never penetrates into who they are beyond what she can discern from afar. She watches them objectively. Their introversion makes it fascinating to step unseen into their situation, and anonymity becomes opportunity. Jessie’s focus is not with the people themselves, but with the action of watching. The only thing their relationship needs is for them not to notice she exists. Her works interpret personal interactions between human beings and pinpoints introspective and personal activities people have in common; specific behavior that belongs to the individual, but at the same time is shared with the population at large.


Mary Czekalinski

Mary Czekalinski, an artist that aspires to touch her audience with her acrylic, ink, and charcoal based drawings and paintings by evoking a journey into their past. Mary describes her art as being abstract and figurative wanting people to look at her work and think about their past experience and what it means to be the person they are in life. In the pieces created for this event, Mary used water colors over paper that was ripped and torn from the signs.

Mary Czekalinski grew up in Columbia Station Ohio. She graduated from Wittenberg University with a BFA in painting in 2003. After graduation she moved to Charleston, SC where she worked as a freelance artist while taking courses at the College of Charleston. Mary attended the Savannah College of Art and Design from 2003-2008 pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting. Currently Mary works in Admission Enrollment for SCAD, and continues to work as a freelance artist in her spare time.

Mary’s work is an exploration of the relationship between time, memory and the transition from life to death. Memories are an individual’s recollection of a moment suspended in time, yet memories are fluid and exclusive to those who experience them. Through her work she resurrects a memory to be experienced directly by the viewer, by putting then down on paper these memories are both retained and released as remnants of the people and moments to which they refer.

Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton grew up in mid-state Michigan and attended High School in the small town of Lake City. He started drawing at a young age and developed an interest in the arts. This led to attending classes and graduating with a B.F.A. in the Illustration program at the Savannah College of Art and Design. After two years of moving and working on a few small projects Luke decided to return to SCAD for his M.F.A. Luke has displayed work in several shows and co-founded Red Kite Studio, which was a local student managed gallery. The later part of Luke’s college career lead to an internship working at Six Flagg’s theme park in Atlanta as a Caricature entertainer. Luke now works at a marketing company in Richmond Hill, GA and entertains with his caricatures at festivals and various events around the area.

In this particular event, Luke used mostly acrylic paint to turn an old yield sign into a piece of art by painting a koala bear and a snail on a speed limit sign. He plans to continue to influence the world art world by pursuing a career by commercially by working with magazines and publication.

Special to all the artist for their commitments and to Jake & Miriam Hodesh @ New Moon of Savannah. For anymore information on the artist, please view their pages:,,

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