#ScandalisBack: Scandal Style Report

The #Gladiators have BEen granted a new found strength with the resurgence of the long awaited return of the master “fixer”, Olivia Pope. When I tell you, Tom Verica showed his proverbial azz tonight, as director of Ride, Sally, Ride, it’s a mere understatement. The social world has taken over, even my TWITTER account kept asking me to quit. (It’s a mess I tell ya!)  In tonight’s episode, we were taken a ride as Sally Langston explained how the devil worked its way into her Christian soul and she was to weak to fight him; we saw Olitz kiss numerous times; our favorite steamy Mr. Jake is back and hopefully he’ll protect Liv; Quinn is crazier than every with this kidnapping; PUBLIUS doesn’t even realize the sht storm he’s about to experience; Harrison (Columbus Short) bout made the earth shake with that smash scene; last but not least, you should BE terrified of Daddy Pope.  This world wind of emotions, drama, pure jaw dropping can only mean that SCANDAL is back and BEtter than ever. It was well worth the wait, while the real life, Kerry Washington experience her new found motherhood.

Now to the fashions!! It’s clear that everyone tunes in to see what costume designer, Lyn Paolo has snatched from the runway and designer show rooms to drape the frames of the cast. Of course she is nothing short of genius. Here’s what everyone is talking about from tonight, #Mellivia moment.

The big moment of this episode is Mellie and Olivia together  for lunch, and for this Mellie has chosen a bright red, regal, Escada long sleeve dress, elegant for a ladies dinner but also devilish. For Olivia, we decided that she should be in classic Pope white. We loved this Prada Cappotto wool coat with silver chrome buttons, we teamed this look with Navy Armani slacks and black leather Gaspar gloves, Olivia Pope in her battle armor for meeting with Mellie. – HarpersBazaar.com / Photo credit: ABC






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