Scandalized: 4 Artists & Entertainers in Need of Olivia Pope!



We are but half way through 2013 and there are two things that are for certain. The first certainty BEing that everyone is watching ABC’s Scandal, and second that there are HELLA celebrities and entertainers that need Olivia Pope. Here is a list of those in desperate need of Liv and her team’s expert fixing.


Gucci Mane: As if having a BIG A$$ ice cream shooting out red lightening bolts tattooed to your face wasn’t enough to warrant an intervention, adding in multiple jail and rehab stints would definitely take it over the top…right? Well not for the homie Gucci Mane who takes his brand of cray to new heights when he chose to bash an American Vet over the head with a bottle. I have one word for Gucci “Bruhhhhhhhhhh!?”

amand eonlineAmanda Bynes: From adorable child star to behaving as if she thinks she hails from a star in some distant galaxy where the local inhabitants breath alcohol and thrives on many different brands of crazy.  Amanda’s downward spiral is more like a cyclone of erratic displays desperation. My hopes are that maybe Olivia Pope can fast talk some sense into this young lady, and maybe spin her in another direction because BAYBEEEEEEE she’s a Drake obsessed MESS!

 Lil Kim:

lil kim before after nairaland.com

NUFF SAID! 2 words “Miss Swan”


K. Michelle: Let me start by first stating that we at BE LOVE K. Michelle, but in loving someone one must aspire for the BEst for them. With that said we can not and will not support or condone K’s BEhavior and antics on this season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In short sister girl doesn’t seem to BE playing with a full deck, or maybe she’s playing dominos at the poker table. Whatever the problem is that’s causing these bouts of hostility and anger they needs to BE fixed.  To her defense though she did name her mixtape “0 fucks given,” but who knew it was her actual motto? If only she’d give just half of a fuck smh. In fact, K. Michelle’s fixing may prove too much for Olivia Pope, she might need the actual Pope.


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