Scotty ATL: BEam Me Up Scotty (Exclusive Interview)

Scotty ATL might possibly BE one of the hardest working rappers in the game. He’s BEen blessed to receive accolades from big names like XXL & from his counterparts Trinidad James & Rich Homie Quan. Scotty’s passion and persistence to win is what sets him apart from the rest & once you read our in-depth interview, you’ll instantly know why.

Studio Session-355-EditBE MAG: How you came into rapping and What do you having going on with you?

Scotty: Started out young man. Started rapping but was more focused on the “street life” at first, then saw that wasn’t the way got myself together and about 3 or 4 years ago really got back into and focusing on rapping . I got with DJ Burn One and we released a mixtape called “Summer Dreams” in 2011 . It ended up doing very well, and was voted one of 50 best mixtapes on Spin magazine. Then did another mixtape with DJ Scream called “Jiffy Cornbread Experience” and then just recently dropped a mixtape called “FAITH”( Foreva Atlanta In The Heart).  So its just been crazy i mean from Complex Magazine, XXL, MTV Jams, and stuff with Trinidad James man i just been working hard.

BE MAG: We know it’s alot to a name, So where does Scotty ATL come from?

Scotty:  Lol. Ok so my name is really Scotty, but social media kind of made me add the “ATL” to it. So of course you cant go onto Twitter and put just Scotty you know so many people will come up, so i put the ATL on it and i ended up using for Facebook as well as Instagram and it had a ring to it so i just went with it . I’m from Atlanta so it works well you know .

BE MAG: Define your musical style?

Scotty: My sound is classic ATL! If i had to really describe it “I’m telling my life and story with music”. You know how like the greats like “Biggie, Jay Z, 2Pac” .  They all talked about their lives and so that’s what im doing . I’m giving folks the real life, its no” flexing” going on. It’s what really going on and some folks can relate to it . You know here in the city of Atlanta we are known for a certain style almost like a gimmick, so i am taking the other way and doing my style, I am standing out as a guy who got lyrics and something to talk about you know.

BE MAG: Who would you say are your musical influences? 

Scotty: From Atlanta “Outkast” of course man, Goodie Mob, and the Dungeon Family. I also listen to UGK, 8Ball and MJG a whole lot. So those are some of my influences.


BE MAG: Describe your personal style (fashion)?

Scotty:  Man! I’m very classic Lol I’m serious man like i stick to classic style. Definitely a fan of Adidas , yeah you will catch me in the 3 stripe . I’m just simple and real clean with it man. 

BE MAG: Alright so before we let you go, talk to me about the single you got called “Game” ?

Scotty: Yes its my current single with Big KRIT and Trinidad James on the track as well. The video just premiered on Mtv Jams and its doing good. Complex Magazine got behind it as well so its looking good. I’m a guy out here trying to do it. You know bring back that known Atlanta rap like you get with T.I and Goodie Mob. You know how you can put a CD in and not hit skip on any tracks, that where I’m going and hope people really stand behind it. 

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[Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Assad Tyler]

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