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From the great city of St. Louis, Sean Blakemore was raised by his mother along with six siblings. He started his career in St. Louis, where he BEgan working several jobs as a model, doing print work, runway shows, voiceovers, commercials, and local theatre. Sean’s very first appearance was in an HBO film called, “So Above the Game,” where he appeared as a cameo. From there, he took his career to the next level, by moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 1998.

Today, Sean is into bigger roles like the newest series regular on the hit soap, “General Hospital” as Shawn Butler. Sean descriBEs “Shawn” as having professional skills, but has other issues as well. “Shawn suffers from post dramatic stress syndrome. He lives in Port Charles, and he really shakes the place up. He is a bad boy turned good. He finds it hard to try to win over people who he comes in contact with, as far as trying to prove himself to them considering his past.”

Although Sean Blakemore loves his career as an actor, he has other passions well. “My first gift is a painter. I have BEen painting since I was a little boy. I work with pastels.  My focus, or subject in the matter is us, African Americans. In addition to painting, I will have my first invention. I cannot get into the details, but it will BE coming out pretty soon!”  Overtime Sean also sees himself not only in front of the camera, but BEhind the camera as well. “I want to direct later in my career. I like to tell stories.  I want to produce and direct, and I want to work with the likes of Don Cheadle, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, and Zoe Saldana just to name of few. I actually had the pleasure of working with Zoe Saldana in this independent project called, “Blackout”.  It was shot in New York. It is about the blackout on the east coast years ago. I also played along side Jeffrey Wright, Latonya Richardson, Mario Van Peeples and Michael B. Jordan as well as a lot of actors from “The Wire”. They all are incredible, talented people.  We BElieved in the story and it turned out great! I recommend that movie to anyone who has not seen it.”

In five years Sean wants to BE a familiar face in the business. “I plan to BE in the same space but on a different level. I’m living and that’s BEcause I choose to live. I’m happy, I’m in my right state of mind, and I’m going to continue to BE on a higher level. I’m going to BE an advocate to us, my people, and to kids.   I do volunteer work. One of the programs that I work with and help fund is called, Living Advantage, which oversees 40,000 foster kids.  Most foster kids do not get to go to college and get a degree. This program was created to help foster kids get access to documents that they normally would not have access to such as their social security card and their birth certificate, so that they can BEtter themselves and get a descent job. We help them fight for their rights and to have voice.

Sean states he does not have a twitter as of yet, but he plans to have one soon. In the meantime, hit him up on facebook at facebook.com/seanblakemore.

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    Don’t forget about marriage and family, while everyone is pursuing education and success. Blake mmmmm!!

  • i LOVEsean blakemore even though im youg i still think he cute

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