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A young man with a promising career as a PR executive took heed to the BEat of his heart and embraced his true love. Christopher E. McMullen was born in Carson, CA and followed the proverbial path to success by attending Morehouse College, graduating Cum Laude, received a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations and Communications. This seemed to BE the proper road but life has a way of opening up avenues that lead to bigger dreams and days of true happiness. Seth listened and traveled the avenues and is now embarking on his life’s work in the fashion industry.

BE-Style talent radar has come across the skills of stylist, web host, and fashion connoisseur, born Christoper McMullen but known to the industry as Seth Brundle.

BE-style: How do you approach styling for a client?

SB: All my work as a stylist is extremely research driven. No matter how well I feel like I may know a new celebrity client, I go through my own process of getting to know them. I start by reading the BEst available online bio and follow that up with pulling up past images to see what stylists have already done with them. Then I choose what I feel to BE the appropriate designers for that client. My goal is always to push the look forward while also ensuring that the looks I choose truly reflect my aesthetic and brand.

BE-Style: When did you realize your love or passion for the industry?

SB: I always laugh when I tell this story, but I realized how passionate I was about fashion when I was in middle school and FUBU emerged. I always loved nice clothes and was considered one of the stylish kids in school, but it wasn’t until I saw Damon John and the other 3 founders of the brand that I actually seriously considered that a career in the industry is what I wanted for my life. It was when I saw the image of those 4 Black men that looked like, walked like and talked like me that I knew fashion was it for me.

BE-Style: Describe your first break.

SB: I got my start assisting celebrity stylist Monique Scott (who works under the name Kitti Fontain) with her clients Faith Evans, Fonzworth Bentley, and a host other projects. After assisting her a few months, I scored my very own first celebrity with the band J*DaVeY for Yoo-N-LA Magazine. The editor-in-chief was a good friend of mine and asked if I felt confident enough to pull it off myself. I nervously accepted. I ended up KILLING the shoot and it’s still some of my proudest work to date! The industry is all about referrals and word of mouth. After that, it was a snowball effect. I’ve BEen on my own ever since.

BE-Style: Who are your favorite types of clients or projects to work on?

SB: My absolute favorite projects are to work with newly signed artists and developing their image. I always compare what I do to BEing a painter. BEing a real stylist is a true art form. Working with a new artist is like receiving a blank canvas and BEing told to let your imagination run wild. People often take for granted the power of great styling. I truly BElieve without it, a lot of artist that people know, love and worship these days wouldn’t have enjoyed the fame and recognition they have. It’s exciting to know that you’re a large part of the reason people noticed an artist in the first place.


BE-Style: Are you pleased with the current state/trends in fashion?

SB: I guess the thing I love most about the current state of fashion and what it hasBEeen for the past several years is that there are no rules. People are free to express themselves in pretty much any way they see fit, within reason, of course. The only rules I advise people to adhere to is to always maintain great fit (even if it means getting your garments tailored) and to stay away from being overly matchy matchy.

BE-Style: What sets you apart from other stylist?

SB: I’m just not what I think to be your typical stylist. I do put my clients in designer clothing, but it’s not my focus. Especially, when it comes to my own personal style. I could care less about wearing someone else’s name across my chest. What’s at the forefront of my brand is plain and simple… aesthetic. I always ask myself the same questions. What does the clothing look like? How is it different from what all the other designers are producing? Does it reflect the designer’s passion? I often times prefer to utilize pieces from the collections of up-and-coming designers who’ve never had any celebrity exposure for their work. I feel like that’s part of my job as a stylist; to put my clients and the people I work with in something new, original and unseen. That’s what excites me. BEing the first!

BE-Style: What’s you take on the number of aspiring stylist saturating the industry?

SB: I’m just annoyed by the over-saturation of all these so called “stylist” in the industry. I BElieve that social networks and reality television are responsible for this issue. I also BElieve that no one has even heard of the word aspiring BEcause it’s rarely ever used these days. The creative field is the only one where people give themselves titles they have not earned – music producer, chef, actor, graphic designer… the list goes on. No one ever helps nurse a friend or family member back to health from the flu and then dubs themselves a doctor. Why would someone who happens to have great personal style list stylist as their profession on a social profile? I’m welcoming in the resurgence of the renaissance period where people genuinely appreciate artists for their talents and earn their titles.

BE-Style: Give me your “huge” trend forecast for the upcoming SS’13 season. Which of trends from the runway will make a big hit on the streets?

SB: Oh trends…I so rarely follow them. I do, however, love that designers are getting so much inspiration from the 90s. That coupled with modern fit is the perfect marriage for me! I think the biggest SS ’13 trends we’ll see in both men and women’s every day street style inspired by the runways are: (1.) Light weight plaids. (2.) Bold stripes. (3.) Bermuda shorts. (4.) Neons. (5.) Statement glasses. (6.) Whimsy prints.

BE-Style: What garments should one have in their wardrobe as staple pieces?

SB: For women, although its become a sort of cliche’ over time, I still stand by the infamous “little black dress” BEing the forefront of her wardrobe staples. Also I recommend basic black platform heels, a denim jacket, and skinny blue and black jeans. For men I recommend white canvas sneakers, a denim, or chambray shirt, a grey wool suit, and fitted blue & black denim. For both sexes, the basic white v-neck t-shirt, the military jacket, the black tuxedo jacket, the black motorcycle jacket, and a gold watch are all great choices.

BE-Style: What are your long term goals in the industry? What would you want Seth Brundle to BE known for?

SB: Long term, my goal is to have my own lifestyle brand. I know that’s such a broad description, but there’s so much I want to accomplish under that umbrella. I got the ball rolling last summer when I did my first designer collaboration with Royal Dynamite for a collection of unisex tank tops. I’m currently working on my second with Los Angeles based designer, Vinton Vital. Along with opening my own styling agency, my aim is to continue doing a new designer collaboration every season moving forward. I’ve recently transitioned into television personality work which is another goal of mine. I’m guest starring in a few upcoming shows, giving my style expertise on different subjects. I also have a passion for food. I don’t know… I guess I want to be something like Brad Goreski, Oprah, and Bobby Flay all rolled into one. Haha! Just stay tuned and watch…


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