Shaky J: The Groove of Rock Reggae








Shaky J, named for the stage shaking he caused when he was a young musician as he’d jump up and down to the music, is a 7th generation Jamaican born guitarist and bassist.  Some of his influences are Santana, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits.  Shaky J has fused his roots with the rock in his heart; the resulting rock reggae mash up comes out as sublime guitar licks played over a reggae groove that calms the spirit and transports you to Jamaica.  Having collaborated with the likes of roots reggae legend Ernie Smith and the king of ska, Garrett Morgan, Shaky J BEgan playing guitar at the age of 13 mentored by one of Jamaica’s greats.  His music features on point instrumentation playing BEtween classic electric guitar and funky ska influenced tracks like ‘Cough Syrup’ from his forthcoming album to BE released later this year.  When asked about his writing process he simply responds in that distinct native Jamaican accent with, “It’s the groove man, I start with the groove BEcause the groove is the foundation of everything.”  True to form, his musical creations tantalize the ears with a natty freedom that beckons the irie in us all.  Check him out at and get your island on.

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