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The ladies in the game are coming out full force & singer/songwriter/choreographer/superwoman Shanell aka SnL has her foot all the way in the pot. Whether you see her rocking the stage solo, with her Young Money Crew, or Girls Club (a writing/production/singing group that SnL proudly shares with new talent Mika Means & Shanell’s sister D.Woods), Shanell is a refreshing entity in the game that’ll surely bring back that 80’s feel to current music.

I remember the 1st time I saw SnL rock a stage…

The Atlanta nightclub was packed with Danity Kane fans coming to show A-Town’s own D.Woods some BDay love. Even with all of the DK love, the ambiance was different because you saw an eager D.Woods singing along side someone who obvisouly wasn’t a DK member, but shared a striking resemblence [to D.Woods]. There was so much punk rock energy on the stage that not only did I predict the demise of DK that night, but I also knew that D.Woods wasn’t the only rising star in her gene pool. It was later confirmed that the two were in fact sisters & that Shanell was on a similar grind to the already famed D.Woods.

Since first seeing SnL bring punk rock back to hip hop on the stage with D, I’ve seen her escalate venues to smashing the stage along side her Young Money Ent label leader Lil Wayne on the “I AM MUSIC TOUR”, rock out on the stage as Wayne bellowed out to his “Prom Queen”, and prominently plan to show you why she’s known as the softer, sexier side of Young Money Entertainment.

FACT: Shanell not only had a role in Lil’ Wayne’s “Prom Queen”, she wrote the song…

Check out Shanell as she gives you a BEhind the scenes look backstage at various shows
And now peep a lil of SnL’s music…

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