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Millions of single people across the world are looking for their soul mates, their perfect match, the “one.” They go out every weekend, date different types of people, and even scour social media and dating websites.  Atlanta radio producer/personality Simone Kelly is among those looking for someone to call her own.

Kelly, originally from Chicago, was one of 19 people searching for love on the newest dating experiment and reality show “Are You the One?” which aired on MTV. The show hosted 10 males and 10 females in a house who had already BEen scientifically and strategically placed together and they were on a mission to find the perfect person. If all 20 people found their match within 10 tries, the entire house got to split $1 million.

After quite a few steamy hookups, as well as some heated arguments, Kelly eventually found her perfect match with housemate Andrean “Dre” McCoy, fellow Atlanta native, a former high school basketball player and now an all-around party guy. Naturally, as the show progressed, Kelly along with her cast-mates instantly received fans, as well as the ever present haters. Although it can BE hurtful, Kelly, having dealt with negativity in the past from her radio show, has learned the BEst way to deal with the naysayers.

“Social media is definitely a big factor in BEing recognized in today’s society, so I try to stay as active as possible on [there] but it’s really hard to sometimes BEcause the hate can BE overwhelming,” Kelly said. “The BEst way for me to deal with it honestly is to ignore it even if it is something that someone was pointed out that may very well BE an insecurity of mine. It’s just one of those things that you have to let roll off of your shoulders BEcause you’re put in a position where if nobody was hating on you, or if nobody was talking about you, then that would hurt your feelings…I just take the good with the bad and I keep it moving.”

Kelly, BEtter known to her radio listeners as “Monie On the Mic,” has always BEen known as the loud mouth girl on her college campus which led her to getting involved with her school’s radio station.“I was a radio personality at Clark Atlanta University and I interned with V103 for about a year and a half and they taught me everything from learning how to edit and produce a show and do voice-overs and all types of things, and I started growing a love for it,” Kelly recalls. “I love BEing in front of a crowd so in the future I plan on it taking me to BEing a television personality.”

With role models such as Soledad O’Brien, Alani “Lala” Anthony, Wendy Williams, and Oprah, Kelly aspires to work toward BEing a radio personality and television personality for a major syndicated station. After the show, Kelly continued to stay busy connecting with fans in person and on social media and has even gone from reality star to budding entrepreneur by starting her own online T-shirt store.  The T-shirts display some of her well-known quotes from the show such as “I want my money,” “I put you on,” and “I’m back on the market b*tches.”

“It’s an amazing feeling when people love you for BEing yourself,” Kelly said in the official press release about her T-shirt line. “All the quotes on the shirts were done with unintended recognition. However, it BEcame one of the very things that set me apart from my other cast-mates. I’ve BEen working in entertainment for a little over 8 years now and I always get nervous when I embark on a new task. This is huge for me! I just want my supporters to know I watch their Instagram videos of me, I read the letters, emails, Twitter posts, etc and although I can’t respond to everyone, this project is for YOU! BEtter yet, something we can share together.”

“My goal is to BEcome more involved in the fashion industry and ultimately expand the brand. In my eyes, clothing and fashion is a performing art. These T-shirts allow my fans to have a part of me with them. Some of the worst happenings in my life needed to happen. It inspired me to formulate something even greater than what I was trying to achieve at first. It has never really BEen about the money. If this flops, it needed to happen. For me, this T-shirt line gives me the opportunity to push my imagination, which I know will take my creativity to another level.”

Kelly has much advice about love, life, and career decisions to share with young ladies aspiring to take the same path as her in such a male dominating society.“My advice would BE to honestly stay true to yourself,” Kelly said. “Don’t get lost in relationships whether it’s friendships or your significant other BEcause those are things that can definitely throw women off. When we get people in our lives whether it’s friends or men, we tend to adjust or adapt to what’s happening around us.”

“My biggest thing for young women is to always stay true to who you are and don’t forget what you want to do BEcause you’re always going to have time for everything else going on in your life whether it’s to go to the club or to have fun or you think you’re missing out on something BEcause you don’t go out tonight…if you work hard enough, you will reap the BEnefits of it.”

Fans can stay in contact with Kelly via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Twitter: @simonekelly_ Instagram: @simonekelly__ Facebook: MoneOnTheMic. Fans can also purchase her t-shirts at http://simonekelly.spreadshirt.com.

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