Shoniqua Alleyne, Creator of The DIVA Sessions

As a Creative Network for Women of the Arts, The DIVA Sessions promotes divine, inspired, vibrant and ambitious women to express themselves through the Arts. Meet the woman BEhind the brand, Shoniqua Alleyne!

Introduce yourself to our readers and tell us what inspired The Diva Sessions.
Singing has always BEen my passion; however I lost confidence in my gift. Through writing and networking with other talented people I started rebuilding my self-confidence. The vision for The DIVA Sessions came to me after leaving a destructive relationship. At that time music was my therapy. With The DIVA Sessions women can showcase their talents and learn from others in an intimate setting.

How does The Diva Sessions empower women through the arts?
The DIVA Sessions allows women to showcase their talents while supporting each others gift in a safe environment. Often we shy away from letting our light shine BEcause we are scared to be judged. I wanted to create a space where anyone could walk on stage perform and learn how to perfect their craft.

What is next for you and your brand this year? 
So many amazing things! This summer I will BE releasing my first book, I’m so excited! In the book I’ll be helping people to overcome their excuses and continue to pursue their dreams. Another event near and dear to my heart is the BEauty & Soul Brunch. Since I started brunching with the ladies I have witnessed how powerful it is for women to come together and share their stories. This year we have our first BEauty & Soul Conference in June as we continue to discuss life, love and, business.

What advice do you have to other entrepreneurs that are launching new efforts in 2016?
Stay true to yourself and the vision you have for your business. It is so easy for us to get sidetracked these days. I would tell any entrepreneur launching in 2016 to run your race at your pace, stay in your lane and, block anyone or anything trying to distract you.

Anything else you would want readers to know?
Look out for the launch of later in March to get more information on the book release and the coming events.

How can they connect with you online  on social media?
Connect with us @TheDIVASessions on all social media for the latest event info coming up as well as joining The DIVA Sessions newsletter at to BE the first to know the upcoming dates and how to BEcome a performer. Lastly stay tuned for and connect with me on IG @IamShoni.


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