Show Stoppas – Whoop Rico

Living in Atlanta is so dope because you’re always inclined to come up on something fresh and new in the music game. Atlanta definitely stands at the forefront when in comes to unique artistry, quality production, and the ability to consistently deliver prominent hit makers-even if some regions still fail to give the A it’s and the dirty south it’s just dues.

When I walked into a teen skating party and saw crowds and crowds of puberty driven teenagers-most of which were off skates by that point-on the floor all punching in the air similar to Tre from Boyz in the Hood, but doing it with a lean wit it rock wit it swagger, I didn’t first catch on to the teen dance craze I’d later find out (from my 9 year old son) was coined the “Whoop Rico”, a dance made up by a group of 5 young men, from Atlanta, who go by the name of Show Stoppas.

Now-a-days, I’m seeing-more than ever-truth in the well known statement, “everything comes full circle”, and we’re definitely back at a point where music is all about the party, and when there’s a party, real hip hoppers from back in the day always loved to throw a slick dance step in there to get the fans excited in the club. In the A you can’t hit a club (young or old) without being able to “Crank Dat Yank, Crank Dat Batman, Walk it Out, 2 Step, Get Silly, Hyphy (yup, we rock 2 Short & E40 real hard), Brirdwalk, and now…with proper respect and full of fun, we are now “Whoopin’ Rico”

I know the title “Whoop Rico”, wouldn’t seem to catch the attention of most “mature” adults & blah, blah, blah; but after politicking with this group of 5 young men, it quickly became apparent that there was more to the group and the song than first caught the ear. Which is obviously why they caught the attention on mega hit maker and teen heart throb Soulja Boy. The Show Stoppas are the first group to be signed to Soulja Boy’s new imprint SODMG (Stacks on Deck Money Game).

“Man, we started off as dancers…we’ll always be dancers, but when it comes to rapping, we all got skills there too. That’s how Soulja first heard us. We hit the Myspace circuit real hard with our first single, “Billy Jean”.

After being scoped out by Soulja Boy, the Show Stoppas have been a force to be reckoned with! You can definitely see these fellas in DJ Unk’s debut single, “Walk it Out”, but when they weren’t doing cameos to jump start their career, the group hit it hard on their first major tour with their boss and homie, SB. While the group hasn’t always seen the easy road when it comes to fame and success, all are confident that with the right amount of hustle, grind, patience, skill, and of course fun, they will have more than just their day in the lime. In fact, they are gearing up for the type of longevity rival rapper Ice T once possessed.

“It was crazy to get on the internet and hear this dude talking crazy about Soulja and down south rap. I actually respect what [Ice T] he has done, but it’s obivious his longevity has played out, so he’s using what’s new to keep his name relevant. We want that long time success that Ice T wishes he still had…but with the talent”.

The group was well aware that the beef between their boss and Ice T has little to do with them, but they were also willing to show Ice T why neither they nor their boss falls into that category. 

It’s no surprise that the Show Stoppas will be quite influential in the new wave of hip hop that’s hitting the circuit; they already claim a double threat by being dancers and rappers, but this group of young men is already prepping hard to get that 3rd notch…inspiration. The group is evident that just as their boss Soulja Boy is the voice of young people right now, they too will hold that power, and while “Whoop Rico” would seem to have the club crowds rowdier than ever, the song is intended to keep the club fun and to give their peers something to look forward to when they first hear, “Security step up deep…”

Peep the video to learn how to Whoop Rico…


 2008 was the Show Stoppas’ first election experience…




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