Showroom 6 – Atlanta’s BEst Kept Secret Weapon

Atlanta has such a huge entertainment market, one that has no sights of letting up anytime soon. Everyone knows that wherever there’s room for entertainers, there has to BE even more room for fashion, which is exactly where Showroom 6 squeezes in and has found room to load up & dominate. Showroom 6 is a unique space, strategically put in a private location in Atlanta’s buckhead district and serves as a fashion hub for clients & stylists to meet, select, & pull exclusive pieces.

Owners Fiskani and RoBert “Middleman” Flood are excited to have a sacred space to meet with clients and offer them novel items in a intimate setting. Having a space like Showroom 6 is more like a safe haven, making it very easy to satisfy both sides of their clientele. On any given day you might catch Fiskani & Middleman prepping for upscale clients like John Legend, Devyne Stephens, and Akon, or you may even catch rising artists Travis Porter in Showroom 6 prepping for a numBEr of the videos they’re putting out. Either way, Showroom 6 is the common denominator with Middleman & Fiskani BEing the equations that complete the fashion formula.

I’m Fiskani, WardroBE Stylist/Stylist Extraordinaire. I’ve worked with a lot of people…we’d BE all day! I got into styling a decade ago; I started working for a fur company, which made sales to celebrities. I was making a particular sale to one of my celebrity clients & I asked him if he had a stylist. He in turn put me on to other clients & it pretty much trickled down from that. I’ve gone from making sales to doing everything in the fashion industry. I worked in Showrooms BEfore I got into this one; I’ve pulled from showrooms, worked the business side of Showrooms. I’ve done award shows…pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to image. Now, I’m doing TV shows. I like to keep things trendy, but classic. I really like timeless pieces, ones that you can look at 10-15 years down the line & still appreciate.


I’m RoBErt Flood…most people call me “Middleman” & I got into the business just BEing fly, I guess. People would always ask me what to wear & from that point, I took the talent of what I knew how to do & made it a business. I’ve BEen doing this for about 10 years as well. I like to step outside of the box & create my own lane. I look at each individual client as a portrait & me doing my art…they’re all my own little Picasso piece. We customize a lot of our pieces, that we we can BE different. We just did a photo shoot where we added spikes & did different things. I also have the key items that every man must have…every man must have a suit, BE it black, grey, or blue; that way, if you need to switch it up you can wear them in Winter, Spring, and Fall. You also have to have the items to express yourself however you want (nothing too baggy). Just BE fresh!


Showroom 6 may BE one of Atlanta’s BEst kept secrets, but Fiskani and Middleman have to plans to keep it that way. They are plotting their way to  the top of the fashion chain and hope to get big A-List clientele like Oprah Winfrey, Gail King, Jay Z, Barack Obama, Madonna, Kanye West, Swizz BEats, Denzel Washington, and even Sade. “My list is infamous! I’ll probably BE 80 years old, with one foot in the grave still saying ohhh, let me dress you…” assures Fiskani, and also wants Oprah to know she’s coming for her! Even with all of the high expectations they’re setting for themselves, they also want to assure the average tastemaker that they too can inquire about their services thru their personal twitters @Fiskani & @MiddlemanFresh. Each of them also have their own websites where you can check out their work



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