Sionne Marie – Still a Kid

It warms your heart to see kids right on the peak of adulthood still giving it that honest effort to STILL BE A KID! It’s difficult for some because kids are naturally anxious to touch the known, but when you find those who’s hearts are reigning with purity, you know you’ve got a precious gem that needs to be handled with care, and treated like the rarity they are 

Meet 15-year-old Sionne Marie. While it’s obvious she comes from a talent filled family, as she’s 12 year old DJ B-EZ‘s big sister and guided by mom-ager Santrell “Suga” Stewart and Aisha “Plat” Jones of Indie Hustle Magazine, Sionne has always uniquely walked her own path of creativity. Sionne Marie is a young “Renaissance Woman”.  Presently she is the Hostess of the “Pull Ya Pants Up Tour”, and is currently finalizing the details of her first stage play. She is actively involved at Tabernacle Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia as an Assistant Youth Instructor. Sionne puts doing the right thing at the top of the list even though she keeps it as real as a teenage can, by expressing her growing passion to get up and see the world.

Sionne Marie lives in Atlanta by way of New Orleans, and can’t help but reflect on Hurricane Katrina, the plight that brought her and her family to the place that seems to be the platform for her entrepreneural possibilities. Along with lending her more than comedic vocals for her current tour, Sionne Maries is well on her way to being a noted and respected fashion designer. In fact, she’s already designed several signature tees for local fashion shows. In her free time, which is an oxymoron in teen times, Sionne likes to kick back with her family and BFFs and just do “regular stuff”. Nine tmes out of ten you can catch her engulfed in her favorite book, peeping the social networking scene on myspace or facebook, and of course tearing up any dance floor she can find.

Although this A/B Honor Roll student has many talents, her true passion is for wild animals and she aspires to become a Wildlife Specialist.

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