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Oh boy!! The summer heat is on it’s way and what BEtter way to welcome it than to get the proper attire for hanging out on the BEach. One always want to make sure to wear swimsuits the show off the BEst parts of the body and are comfortable while doing so. Many designers are creating amazing swim wear for the season and we got the inside scoop from designer, Emily Gonzaga.

Combining Brazilian chic with Italian handmade influence, Creative Director and Designer, Emily Gonzaga developed D’Milikah. As a little girl, Emily gazed up at her grandmothers as they sold their handcrafted scarves and skirts from her hometown of Sao Paulo, Brazil; which sparked her love of fashion. Growing up near the beautiful white BEaches, the spark quickly turned into a flame where the combination of fashion, design, and the ocean inspired her to develop D’Milikah in 2005. Wanting to reach an audience while remaining true to her roots, Emily has created a trend setting collection with a handmade touch to each of D’Milikah’s designs. Stepping away from the traditional idea of the “perfect Brazilian body,” Emily decided that her line would capture the essence of everyday “real women” of all sizes. Each piece is specifically intended with every woman’s body shape and size in mind, making them feel gorgeous in their own skin.

BE-Style: What is it about D’Milikah swimsuits that makes women want to wear one?

D’Milikah is an extremely feminine line that aims to attract powerful women who are not afraid to be bold. We all know that we should BE wearing what fits us BEst and the brands’ evolution is towards pleasing every body type. Now we are moving towards male swim trunks, boxers and speedos and that is bringing a new edge to the brand.

BE-Style: What inspired you to create the D’Milikah swimwear collection?

D’Milikah comes from my love for the beach and from my childhood memories. I want to embrace different body types and from that develop unique swimsuits. D’Milikah is inspired  by my hometown – Sao Paulo, my dancing background and my passion for fashion and life.

BE-Style: Any advice for women that are not comfortable wearing a 2 piece suit?

I BElieve that if you are not confortable wearing two pieces swimsuits, you should not wear them! The worst thing is to see someone uncomfortable  in a two piece trying to hide their BElly… However, there are many cute high-waist swimsuits out there that they go well with most body types and it is all about looking at yourself in the mirror and accepting and embracing what you see. We all go to the BEach and pool to enjoy, so simply enjoy and embrace your time and self.  Also, take a lots of #selfies!

BE-Style: What are your favorite textiles to use?

I work a lot with lycra, obviously. I also work a lot with viscose for the cover-ups and cotton itself. For ready-to-wear we are using details in organic cotton and soy materials.

BE-Style: How would you describe the D’Milikah target shopper or client of D’Milikah?

A fearless women who is confident! She wants to look amazing and be unique.  A person who is different and wants to BE a step ahead of the crowd. A person who embraces love!

BE-Style: What can we expect to see from D’Milikah in the near future?

We are slowly but surely embracing resort and ready to wear, as this is were I’m spending most of my time these days. I BElieve that we will be embracing more and more the day to night sort of wear that is comfortable yet sophisticated and chic.

BE-Style: What do you hope for the D’Milikah brand to BEcome?

I have huge dreams for D’Milikah, but dreams are only dreams! I prefer to say that D’Milikah is my “baBE” and I only wish and want the BEst for it. So definitely I aim for only the best!


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