Sizzling Sexy Summer 2013

I can’t BEgin to express the woeful discomfort that that comes over me every time I think about the summer months ahead. As many of my BE-Style followers know, Summer is not my favorite time of year. Never has BEen. Whenever this season presents itself, I cringe at the sunburn skin of an already complexion, the moments of sweat filled clothes, the application of baby powder, sun block, Gold Bond foot powder, and beads of water gushing down my forehead… LOL… see I’m not excited at all. But I can say this; it is one of the sexiest times of the year.

Many of you have started to rush to retailers for your bathing suits, summer sandals and wedges. Guys have BEen hitting the gym to get the bodies ready to show off in their tanks and basketball shorts (ladies, I hope you’re ready). Designers are banking on the sales of scantily clad apparel the fill the racks of your favorite trend retailers. With that said, here’s a look at what’s hot for Summer 2013. Enjoy and don’t forget your sun screen, yes even folks of the darker complexion still need sunscreen, especially for you face.

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