Skent Dukes

In an industry where new artist are plentiful but many lack substance, Skent Dukes is an artist full of potential.  With the ability to interpret music through words and influenced by more than just the times and the struggles of life, he is determined to impact the genre of Hip Hop on more than just one level. Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Skent Dukes is a triple threat that has gained local success and is now looking to pour his eclectic blend of music into the masses. As a writer, rapper and producer, who sets the trends instead of following them, he is an individual use to the grind of making things happen.  We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Skent Dukes. Check it below!

BE Magazine: Can you introduce yourself to BE Magazine readers and tell us about you and where you’re from? 
Skent Dukes: Well I’m the crowd favorite they call Skent Dukes!!  Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, home of Bone Thugs, Kid Cudi, and Avant! I hold it down in a number of different places, most recently the A in addition to my hometown of Cleveland. 

BE Magazine: You are a rapper, writer, and producer. Which talent of yours do you love the most and why?
Skent Dukes:  I have always liked writing and rapping over beats but, I like to produce the most because it’s all my creation. I got beats on deck for other artist too! Right now I am writing like crazy like 4 joints a day min, and just giving input on beats. And anybody wit dope beats holla at Hush Money management and get them to me ASAP!

BE Magazine: Your single “Grind Right” was No. 43 on the Hot 100 singles billboard’s chart. How have you capitalized off that success of your hit single “Grind Right”?

Skent Dukes: With Capital gains!  Not only in the Streets, but we were able to build a lot of contacts in other cities! Big ups to Minnesota, Detroit, and Baltimore Club love baby! Not to mention it kept my name alive in the hood!! I’ve witnessed so many Independent funerals! So I just really appreciate the love and the opportunity.

BE Magazine: What projects are you working on? Can we expect an album or mixtape hitting the streets soon?
Skent Dukes:  Right now I’m blazing everybody including radio stations and clubs wit my single Steady Watchin feat Gorilla Zoe.  I’m working on some new singles and album material wit some big named artist!! Big ups to Hush Money Management! The mixtape “I Aint A Killa” Vol 1 & 2 is in the streets now and you can download both somewhere on the Internet!! 3 new mixtapes coming soon!!! I Aint A Killa Vol 3 will be one of the of course. So, get wit me.

BE Magazine: How can the DJ’s and Fans contact you?
Skent Dukes: You can contact and should contact me thru myspace/skentdukes1, twitter, facebook,  skentdukes@gmail, vimeo, blackplanet, or they can just call me 216-856-4420!

BE Magazine: Is there anything else you want our readers to know about you? 
Skent Dukes: Yes, I’m a real artist.  Thanks for looking out for me! God bless to everybody who is reading this.  Thanks BE Magazine.  We got to hit that Thumbs Up soon since that’s what I heard yall like!

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