SKY HIGH Radio Show on Beehivefm

BE Entertained Magazine is all about promoting EVERYTHING with positive entertainment, so when we heard about SKY HIGH Radio Show, an upcoming radio show that debuts on on May 2, 2010 we were not only captivated by the name, but the mastermind BEhind the show. Portia Kirkland is a well known name, who I thought was pretty BEhind-the-Scenes, until I’d later come to find out that she’s an author (Singing A Song for You), a former professional dancer, a manager, a mother, and a 20+ year music veteran who’s paved the way for a numBEr of starving artists who’ve blessed enough to see lives filled with fortune through the seed of their artistry.

Above all of her stated attributes, Portia’s list is topped by simply loving the LORD! I BEcame interested when Portia sent me the means BEhind the show, so I thought I’d share this experience with you, since Portia cared enough to share this with the BE Team. Here’s what she had to say…

SKY HIGH is a four hour inspirational music program, airing on Sundays 4pm-8pm where the focus is on the journey and not the destination.  This block is an inspirational/gospel mix of hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Pop and Reggae music (none to little traditional music), plus interviews that are lively, fun, comical, and an inspirational vitamin for the  adult consumer  ages 18-49 who need a “boost” for the week.  Finally, there is a place the believer goes to heaven and not condemned to hell. 

It’s the alternative to Christian radio and you will find HEAVEN is hot too.  I will address issues the church will not touch on such as fornication or homosexuality.  I also will have ANY Christian on no matter where they are in their walk.

We’re looking forward to May 2nd when SKY HIGH premiers…you BE look forward to hearing lots more about SKY HIGH from BE Mag & Portia Kirkland…

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