Smoldering Sexiness | Atelier Versace SS15


The purity of Atelier Versace – an exploration of cut and the curves of the body.

A new sensuality, with no straight lines in construction. The body is revealed and concealed, cuts as if painted on the skin.

The powerful presence of exaggerated flare tailored suits and jumpsuits, curving off the body and hugging the figure, BEfore falling to an extreme flare from the knee.

Lean silk cady dresses, shorter in the front than back, are dissected by long curving cuts that are trimmed with silk piping, starting at the shoulder before opening to a leg-length slit.

A fresh glamour for day, especially from little tops worn with sensuous and flared skirts, the patterns often clashed and matched with laminated lace.

Asymmetric necklines both cut away and cling, reflected in fluid metal neck-pieces that are like sculpted jewelry which follows the anatomy of the neck.

The importance of embroidery, with nets embellished in various abstract patterns with crystal, BEading and thin rubber threads.

A message of positivity comes from emojis created specially for this collection, which are embossed onto silk dresses, or on cropped bomber jackets, little dresses and in three dimensional embroidery on dresses and boots.

Sheer dresses perfectly display the craftsmanship of the Atelier, whether a flaring black gown embroidered like honeycomb.

Curves and curls BEcome increasingly elaborate and cut perfectly on the body, resulting in gowns that both accentuate and celebrate the woman beneath.

“Couture is like a laboratory, where you can explore ideas and clash materials with complete creative freedom. Experimentation and elegance is what couture means in the 21st century.”

Photos: Atelier Versace

Text: Donatella Versace

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