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Meet Tallahassee’s finest soul singer Soccorro!

By her own description, Soccorro’s music is characterized as a fusion of soul, and rhythm and blues. One only has to listen to Soccorro sing to feel as if there is no choice other than to believe each and every word. A Georgia native, Soccorro’s foray into music seemed predestined even at the early age of four. Born to equally talented parents, her mother was a dancer and her father a rhythm and blues singer, it’s no wonder Soccorro developed a love for the stage. By age 13, she and two of her female friends had already formed a trio singing group, for which she wrote, and arranged songs. In college her musical experience continued to escalate. By the time she graduated, Soccorro had performed jazz in New York City, African call-and-response in Spain, and sang background for the Phat Cat Players. As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, she’s shared the stage with iconic performers such as Kelly Price, Keith Sweat, K-CI and Jo Jo, S.O.S Band, and George Clinton, just to name a few. Though, she is overtly modest when it comes to speaking about herself, I’m here to tell you that you should check out Soccorro’s musical expressions. I have no doubt that you will leave as a fan. It’s all love.

BE Mag: Introduce yourself ma.
Soccorro: Ok. If you don’t mind J, I’d like to be quite candid. My name is Soccorro and I’m a small town girl with inspiration as large as the Universe. My relatives told me I was destined to be a performer because my mama and daddy were entertainers. At the age of four my parents had me perform “I’m catching hell”, by the incomparable Natalie Cole. Imagine that, a four year old having to convince an audiance full of grown folk that she was “catching hell”! As I walked on stage to sing, I did just what mama told me. She’d say, “You gotta get up there and make ’em listen to what you have to say baby”. I walked to the mic, I looked over the audiance and said “Tonight, I just wanna talk to the ladies. Oh fellas you’re cool. But girl’s if you gotta good man, you’d better keep him.” Let’s just say the energy I received from the audiance was so infectious that I was instantly addicted. At that point I knew music would be my life and all I wanted to do was replenish that energy! So I attended FAMU to learn a lil bit more about my craft. I learned a lil something, made a couple of friends, built relationships with connects gained wisdom about the music industry and here I am.
BE Mag: BE Magazine has BEen eyeing you for quite some time; tell the readers how we came to know one another.
Soccorro: (musical interlude) duh duh duhduh, TWITTER!!! lol!! I happened to be checking out someone elses page and I saw the profile pic for BE ENTERTAINED MAGAZINE (@BEMagazine). I thought to myself, hmm this looks cool. Let me see what they’re talkin bout. I clicked the “follow” button and began to correspond with one of the coolest magazine editors I’ve ever met(no fakery, seriously). The rest is Herstory. lol
BE Mag: Musically, what are you doing right now?
Soccorro: I’m currently in the studio working on my “underground” mixed cd titled “Soccorro: The Mixed Tape Cd”. I hate Lil Wayne!! Nah, I’m playin! Just wanna stimulate your readers’ brain cells to make sure they’re paying attention. LOL! So anyway, This mixed cd is my musical expression of what I felt like after hearing my first mixedTAPE. There were so many different genres of musical influences in my life. Like Soul, Southern Blues, R&B, Pop Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Classical and HIP HOP. So I’m working on conveying that expression in the best way possible. 
BE Mag: You have a huge overseas following, can you explain that & tell me how it feels to get that international love?
Soccorro: It feels beautiful J! In 2007 I released my first full length cd titled “Love’s Experience”, a musical expression of experiencing love in my life. Love in every aspect. The crazy thing is not having to do any overseas promotion and still receiving that kind of love from the DJs!! The cd debuted at #13 in the UK on the same charts as the “Majors”! I’m still overwhelmed. The Netherlands just recently caught wind of “Love’s Experience” and debuted one my songs, “Get to Know You”, at #4 on their charts. Then it climbed to #1 by the second week! I was floored! To know that my expression of music was affecting folk that far away from me, physically, was surreal. I’m very thankful for the connects.
BE Mag: What’s going on with your current project? I know the studio is your 2nd home.
Soccorro: Well, we leaked one of the songs from the mixed cd to some of our connects overseas and to some of our connects here in the US.  The song is titled “come ride with me”- produced by Shaun Stardaa,  a very talented independent producer from Florida. So far the response has been great.  So great that some of the most popular radio stations have started putting it in rotation. But I’m still on the grind to create an even bigger buzz
BE Mag: Tell the fans how they can support the Soccorro movement!
Soccorro: Heeeey, I like the sound of that….”The Soccorro movement”…. hold on let me text my assistant, Chelsea! lol. No, seriously, the first thing to do is log onto to check me out or, as Teyana Taylor said it, just “Google Me”!  Secondly, they can come to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY PERFORMANCES. All of my upcoming performances are listed on Lastly, but most importantly they need to have an appreciation for “soul” music. Music from the Soul! That’s me alllll day. Thanks for connecting sweetums.

Soccorro covering “If I Were Your Woman” at Tallahassee Nights

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