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…sometimes find myself walking through malls looking for a fresh pair of kicks.  Trying to find another pair of hot sneakers to add to my collection; it reminds me of the old saying,  I need a new pair of shoes like a hole in the head.  But it’s something about the process of searching for the next piece to add to your wardrobe.  Now that I am back in SC, it is even  harder to find that new sneaker that no oneelse in your neighborhood is rocking.  And that’s why I love traveling to larger city and back to Atlanta.

One day I ran into an old friend and we were talking about, you guessed it, clothes….. I wanted to know if there were any places that I could go to for the hottest in ATL sneakers/footwear.  I got in the car a rushed downtown to find this store.  I was so upset when I get there and found out the store hours. They had already left for the day.  So I decided at that point that I would not only come back and start shopping there but would also want the readers of BE Entertained Magazine to be aware of this Hot Spot.
Upon speaking with Shay, it was easy to realize that great minds are hard at work behind this up and coming brand.  I realized that its great to actually get a chance to speak with someone like lives their dreams everyday.  The visionaries behind Sol Munki are Wall Street, Lion, and (Shay). The Sol Munki brand was established in 1996 and we are based in Atlanta, Ga. “Currently we have one store location (130 Cone Street, Atlanta, Georgia 30303) with plans to open more doors in the near future.”  Sol Munki has been very successful, having been open for three years and holding it’s title as “The Hottest Sneaker Spot” according to SLAM magazine, COMPLEX magazine and others.  Fate is what brought the Sol Munki family together. There is no other explanation for it. We all put in 200% with each day and enjoy opportunity we are given.


BeMag: What’s the significance of the name Sol Munki? 
Sol Munki: Aside from representing an entire culture or lifestyle of today’s youth internationally, When you break down the name Sol Munki into individual characters you see why we attract the numbers we do… Survivors Of Life Manufacturing Unity, Newness, Knowledge, & Individuality. 

Be Mag: Tell us about the specific inspirations behind your art work?  
Sol Munki: We have studied different cultures all over the world while traveling, London, Dubai, Japan, etc..  It’s places like these where we catch some of the ideas for our clothing. We always find a way to appeal to a majority of our market with all of our products.  

Be Mag: Where is it that you found the influence of graffiti art?  
Sol Munki: Graffiti is everywhere! It’s hard for it to not be an influence.  We at Sol Munki come from a variety of places from Berkley, Detroit, New York, and I myself am from St. Louis and of course Atlanta, so we all grew up around it. Graffiti to me is the same as any other art piece, for example, the “Mona Lisa”. I have seen pieces up on the walls at “Graffiti Bridge” in Atlanta that I feel are way more powerful and inspirational than the painting of Mona Lisa. That’s the love that we have for graffiti.  

Be Mag: What is your target demographic?  
Sol Munki: Our target demographic are the ages of 13- 35.  We have youth lines and premium lines. We cater to street culture or urban wear as a whole. We always have something for everybody.  

Be Mag: Do you ever receive backlash from the industry by creating socially conscience graphics?  
Sol Munki: Never, in fact; we are well respected for it. If there is something on our minds, count on us letting the world know  

Be Mag: What do you hope for Sol Munki in the years to come?   
Sol Munki: SOL MUNKI will be a household name and sold in many countries across the world. Also we will have franchised our Sole Munki Boutiques and continue our tradition of spreading truth, self awareness, & knowledge to tomorrows leaders while maintaining our strong positive presence in our community and yours as well.

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