SpeakerKnockerz: Got the BEats Busting

The streets are buzzing with the sounds of a new talent taking the southern industry by storm. He’s young and anxious to BE heard. He has clear vision as to what he wants for himself and the skills he possess. SpeakerKnockerz is a young hungry visionary that wishes to impact the industry in a way that allows everyone to enjoy what music was meant for, to tells one’s story through lyrics and BEats. I had to chance to speak with him at the BE Magazine Hip Hop Style shoot & here’s his take on his path.

BE-Mag: So tell us about where you’re from and what you bring to the industry.

Studio Session-431Speakerknockerz: Well I’m a 19 year old artist/producer from Columbia, SC. I’m coming to the industry with a fresh sound and I’m serious about making good music. I hope to bring hot new BEats and videos to music everyone can viBE to.

BE-Mag: How long have your BEen working in the industry?

SpeakerKnockerz: I’ve only BEen out for about a year.

BE-Mag: What artist do your currently look up?

SpeakerKnockerz: Scott Storch is a producer that I really respect in the industry.

BE-Mag: I hear you have a few songs out now, tell us about it.

Speakerknockerz: Yeah man, it’s BEen crazy. I’ve BEen getting a lot of love from online fans watching the videos & downloading my tracks. Right now I’ve got “Rico Story” an 8 minute story about this guy with a lot of trust issues, a lot of moral conflicts. I also have “Dance” & “Money” which have both just BEen going viral.

BE-Mag: So what do you have planned for the near future?

Speakerkockerz: Man, I’m really just working hard right now to put out some more Hip Hop also R&B tracks and videos, really a fusion of the different genres. I’m excited about though.

BE-Mag: We thank you for giving us the interview. Now tell our #BEasts, where they can find you online?

SpeakerKnockerz: Thank you & BE Magazine. I’m verified on all social media; Facebook, Twiiter, Instagram as @SpeakerKnockerz

 [yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybo2jsjw5LY’]

 [Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Assad Tyler]


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