Spring and Summer Shoes You’ve Got to Have


The warm weather is finally here and that means we get to put on some fresh, new shoes. If you’re a guy, it’s likely you haven’t bought a new pair of shoes since the fall, meaning your sneakers are woefully out of style by now. Thankfully, we’re here to help you with the hottest trends of spring and summer 2016. Stick with these styles and you’ll BE looking good all year long.

Statement Sneakers


A shoe we expect to make a big splash this season is the statement sneaker. While we never recommend BEing too ostentatious, your shoes can BE the perfect way to make a statement with any outfit. Bright and colorful sneakers are a big deal for spring and we saw plenty of pairs of flashy footwear at men’s fashion week and wouldn’t BE at all surprised to see these take over the streets.



If you’ve BEen paying attention to the runways and red carpets, you might have noticed a lot of hi-top sneakers BEing paired with suits in addition to more casual fare. It seems as though every shoe designer worth their salt has rolled out their own version of the staple street shoe. In fact, Koio Collective from Italy made what some writers are calling, and you can count on this trend to stay in fashion throughout spring and summer.

Slippers and Slides


One trend that’s sure to BE big for spring is the onset of slip-on sneakers. Whether in the style of espadrilles or slippers, these cool and comfortable kicks have BEen making their presence known on runways around the world. A nice pair of slip-ons is both convenient and effortlessly stylish, doubly so when paired with a well-tailored, double-breasted suit. But BE careful busting these out at the first sign of warm weather. You don’t want to BE wearing them in the rain, so save this style for late spring and summer.

Chelsea Boots


Dress boots are one of the big trends from last winter that we expect to still BE going strong all year long. These great-looking laceless boots can pair well with either jeans or a sharp suit for either casual or formal fashions. Also, these boots won’t cost you an arm and a leg (or a foot). There is a wide variety designers offering their own spins on the quintessential dress boot, such as ASOS and Ralph Lauren. However, if you want something with a little more high fashion credibility, you can still find some incredible takes on the shoe from Tom Ford.

Sandals with Socks


We never thought we’d BE saying this, but sandals with socks is one of the biggest trends we noticed at men’s fashion week. However, this does not mean that you can start wearing your white tuBE socks with an old pair of Tevas. If you plan on trying to pull off this look, it’s going to require designer slides (think Gucci flip-flops) and some seriously nice socks made with fine materials, eye-catching designs or both.

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