Spring Fling: Everywhere You Want to BE


Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Warm enough to show a little skin, and still mild enough to create a sexy cuddle scenario. There’s something about the springtime air that makes us all feel a little frisky and feel the need to get outside and mix and mingle.

Here are some of BE Magazine’s TOP Spring Fling selects…it’s simply everywhere you want to BE to set your spring off right!

THE BEACH: RememBEr when I brought up that skin earlier? What BEtter place than the BEach to show off your sexy…

THE GYM: Keeping in line with showing off your sexy, springtime is the BEst time to make sure you’re sporting the body that you want. While exercising really does create the sexy, it’s also a great way to keep it healthy for the spring.

HAPPY HOUR: Sipping cocktails at your neighborhood Happy Hour spots are always a good time. The weather is nice & like minded individuals are right & ready to mix & mingle. It’s really the perfect place for a chill meet & greet.

THE PARK: Whether you’re going for long walks with your boo, playing with your dog, or hanging out with the kiddies, the park is the perfect spring spot to max & relax. The park is one of the more versatile spots for the spring & can really be a good source of fun for you and just about anyone in your social circle.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: We asked the BE Readers where they plan on BEing this spring…

Patio Meals | Sky Bars | Amusement Parks | Tattoo Parlors

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