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What I know about life is, once you realize your gift and your talents the sky is the limit; and with the sky there is no limit”- one of the many idioms Ms. Stacii Jae Johnson has used throughout her career to remain proficient and at the top of her game. Stacii recently sat down with BE Magazine for a tell-all interview  about her life, years as an actress, working in politics, and where she is headed next.

Stacii Jae Johnson, born in Inglewood (Where it’s Good), California but was raised in a section of Memphis, TN affectionately called Orange Mound. Stacii recalls BEing a cheerleader, student council Vice President, and an all-around student in school. Stacii attended Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. It was during this time that she BEgan to master the intellect of creating your own space. She mentions that by creating your own space, you tend to lose the attitude of BEing undeserving and BEgin to consciously take ownership of every meeting, space, or situation you find yourself in.

POKADOTSJJ-254After College, Stacii moved back to L.A. “I rememBEr my sister and I loved Martin Lawrence,” Stacii laughs, “…and I remember telling [my sister] I’m gonna work for him.” She found one of the producers contact info and called daily. After months of persistency, she was asked to  interview. Stacii left and by the time she made it home she received a call saying her personality was infectious & out of 300 people, Stacii Jae Johnson had gotten the job on the set of the 90’s hit sitcom Martin. During her time with Martin, Stacii worked as a production assistant, receptionist, and cast member. Networking through the Martin family she developed close relationships that eventually lead to casting Stacii on various episodes. She appeared on Martin about 10 times; one of her roles as the voice of Big Shirley.  Due to the relationships Stacii was given the opportunity to audition for a film Martin directed called “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”. Stacii was casted as Peaches in the hit movie.

Stacii’s introduction to politics came long BEfore her position with Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reed. Stacii was a major advocate of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and was a part of the regional finance committee in Atlanta. Stacii received a call from an advisor and she was asked to come aboard Kasim’s campaign . “I have never seen [a politician] that real and connected with their audience in my life. I said immediately, he’s gonna win.” Stacii stated. By marrying her entertainment background with politics, Stacii raise over $200,000 for Kasim’s campaign. Stacii had once again created her own space. She saw a void that needed to BE filled and BEgan working toward the position of special event & entertainment director and entertainment advisor to Mayor Kasim Reed in the mayor’s office. Stacii resigned and left her job with the mayor August 28, 2012. Post resignation, Stacii didn’t break a sweat and she charged this to the fact that she’s BEen creating her own space since she was a little girl. “[Leaving the mayor’s office amidst scandal] knocked me on my knees but as with everything in life I knew that this too shall pass.”

Black Girls Radio came not too long after Stacii’s departure from the mayor’s office. Unknown to Stacii, friend Chandon Carter thought she had a niche for radio after she had BEen a guest on his show. He mentioned that she should have her own show. However, Stacii thought that radio just wasn’t her lane. “I may not BE your radio personality but if you present an opportunity and I see a void I’m going to fill the void somehow, somewhere.” Stacii says. Shortly after, she met with the GM of WAEC 860 AM and the rest, as they say, is history. Every topic discussed on Black Girls Radio comes from Stacii’s life; something that happened that week or it stems from a conversation piece among friends. “Black Girls Radio is the #1 talked about GIRL TALK radio show in Atlanta because I do the work that being #1 requires and am consistently delivering great shows weekly. I have always delivered excellence in anything I do.


Stacii is releasing a book that should BE out the middle next year. It talks about BEing in control of your life and creating your universe. It focuses on Stacii’s interpretation of life lessons and she describes it as Iyanla Vanzant meets a younger generation of real people. “I realize that in life, looking at every bad relationship I’ve had; I have to point the finger back around at myself and say the reason I attracted that is BEcause that was me.” Aside from her positions in business, entertainment, and politics; Stacii created & executive produced the instructional video” I Want to Strip for my Man but I Don’t Know How” that teaches everyday women how to spice up their relationships with their husbands while getting a great work out. The video is available for downloads from Stacii Jae’s website staciijaejohnson.com. She also is casting and taking meetings with investors for a mini web-series she created and is executive producing called The Adventures of January Jae, a comedy inspired by true life events surrounding Stacii Jae’s job working in the Mayor’s office and the internal struggle she faced daily. The Adventures of January Jae seeks to inspire women who find themselves stuck between two places and unable to find a secure balance. Recently, Stacii was named the Associate Publisher of Who’s Who in Black Atlanta. “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta gives me the opportunity to continue to engage decision makers and people in leadership who strive for excellence. “As Associate Publisher of the 15th edition of Who’s Who In Black Atlanta, I am committed to highlighting the BEST of the BEST in Atlanta”.

 Stacii Jae Johnson has used the mentality of creating her own space to create many meaningful opportunities which have allowed her the room to continuously grow and succeed. Stacii’s one point of advice about achieving your dreams: “Your dreams can only go as far as your mind will take you. A lot of people try to [mimic] those already in the industry but they don’t realize the responsibility of the long journey it takes to get to success. There’s a responsibility to go through every bit of pain and suffering and to use it to WIN. BE a Winner through all life’s challenges, BE determined, and intentional in your life to take nothing less than WINNING.”

BE sure to catch Stacii Jae on Black Girls Radio (www.love860.com/black-girls-radio-stacii-jae-johnson) Saturdays from 2PM-3PM.

Website: staciijaejohnson.com | Twitter: @staciijae | Twitter: @blackgirlsradio | Instagram: @staciijae


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