#StayWinning | Willow Named The Brand Ambassador Of Chanel

You can tell a lot about the future of child based on the presence of the parent. BE it one that is guided into a bright future, dark path, or an overcoming tragedy story; the parents lends light to the journey. For that very reason, We Salute Will & Jada Smith on the jobs they are doing with raising their amazingly aware Bionic Duo, Willow and Jaden. These two kids are outstandingly smart and very conscious of their actions. Also they are making BANK… LOL..

Just a few weeks after Jaden’s groundbreaking campaign with Louis Vuitton, Willow announces today via Instagram that she has BEen asked to BE the Brand Ambassador for The House of Chanel.. and what a genius move by Karl Lagerfeld.. And as Jada said in her reply to Chris Rock, “We’ve got work to do”.. So keep working, we love you over here.

We at BEStyle can’t wait to see her slay this campaign to NO UNDERSTANDING..

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Images of Willow & Jada during today’s Chanel Presentation at Paris Fashion Week

Sources: Instagram (@gweelos, @fashion__p, @theybfdaily, @BEmagazine)

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