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“Any good music must BE innovation.” Les Baxter

While attending the BE Magazine Spring Mixer on March 3, I was charmed to meet upcoming R&B crooner, Steven Christopher. After an intriguing shared conversation, I found myself humbled by his presence as he effortlessly discussed his passion for music. Upon further discussion, Steven Christopher cited his influences from the likes of Prince and the Isley Brothers, just to name a few. Most significantly, Steven Christopher asserts, “You could hear a rhythm in just about anything. Life is music.” This idea rings true throughout his debut mixtape “HeartbreakSexDreams,” which musically captures his artistry and eclectic ear.

“HeartbreakSexDreams” is a mixtape that completes a thorough musical sentence, for it nicely progresses from start to finish. As a listener, I find that no song is out of sync with its respective interlude. I further found it a musical treat the way that Steven Christopher croons over intricate instrumentals–often with a seductively laced falsetto.

BEginning with the first interlude entitled, “Dreams” interlude we are introduced to honest emotion that is recurring throughout the mixtape, which I found refreshing in comparison to what’s produced commercially today. Following “Dreams” is one of my personal favorites, “Distant Lover.” I enjoyed that the lyrics speaks to a theme that we’re all familiar with—a deep and sincere wanting, desire, and longing for that special someone. With this record, I enjoyed the full background harmonies, and from an instrumental standpoint, I loved the acoustic guitar reprise and the heavy bass line.

Next is “I’m Ready,” which not only features a nice mid-tempo BEat, but also marks a shift in Christopher’s tone, to one of boldness and confidence. For instance, Christopher’s confidence is asserted when he proclaims, “This gon’ BE her song when she hear the BEat drops!” This song definitely made me ready to hear the next track in anticipation.

“BEtter,” which is the fourth track is another one of my favorites. It’s another confident record that incorporates a heavy drum cadence. I feel that this record is one that confirms his belief that you can find rhythms in the common, or everyday, for there’s an underlying pulsating rhythm of a heartbeat, which in turn, strengthens the meaning of the lyrics. I also loved the confident reprise, “Once you’ve had the BEst, so hard to find BEtter!”

Throughout the progression of the mixtape, I was pleased to hear elements of the electro-pop genre, and a play on simple finger snaps within the BEats. Cuts like “Right Now” and “Give It Back” are stand outs as well due to their personality and intricate BEats. His final cut, “Circumstance,” I found to be a wonderful song to end the mixtape, as well as a BEing a record that’s truly relatable. Loved how the instrumental is a play on the popular “futuristic movement.”

Overall, I was thoroughly pleased with “HeartbreakSexDreams.” “HeartlBreakSexDreams” has excellent production quality and equally great vocals to complement the instrumentals. I truly look forward to hearing more from Steven Christopher. The relatability of this mixtape makes it worth more than a listen. BE Musically Inclined and take a listen, you will not BE disappointed.


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