Stevie Boi – Fresh, Fierce, & Focused

BE Style gets in-depth with celebrity eyewear designer Stevie Boi in an EXCLUSIVE one on one interview! Finally some SHADE everyone can love!!!!!

BE-Style: What did you notice the industry was missing and did it inspire you
to create your collection of eyewear?
SB: I never came into the industry feeling that it was missing something, but
my vision, I feel is necessary. The inspirations were influenced a lot
by what was around me. I’m such a fan of Grace Jones, she is my everything and is also the reason I am so motivated.

BE-Style: Would you say that you have a particular clientele?
SB: No, not at all. My clients are all over the place, I can be picky but I
love working with new people.

BE-Style: Where do you find the materials to create your eye wear collection?
SB: Everywhere, but I love going to get materials that are ancient, such as
old gold, etc. I love recycling and taking old and making new.

BE-Style: Where was Stevie Boi born and raised?
SB: I was born in Augusta, Georgia but was raised over in Europe
(London, Paris, Germany, etc).

BE-Style: Who are some of your style icons or muses?
SB: Grace Jones & Leigh Bowery

BE-Style: How do you describe your design aesthetic?
SB: I really cant, if I could sum it in one word, I would say…. “Fearless”

BE-Style: Where can future clients find your products?
SB: Of course, they can find my products online at and
also this new line “Coexist” will be featured in over 30 boutiques, to include Europe and the USA markets.

BE-Style: What celebs have you enjoyed working with and who do aspire to
work with next?
SB: I worked with a lot of people, we all know the big people Gaga, Rihanna,
etc but I really want to work with Grace Jones next.

BE-Style: What does the future hold for Stevie Boi and his creations?
SB: Clothing, Bags, Shoes, and even cosmetic.

BE-Style: Do you plan on launching your clothing line this year?
SB: My next collection that I debut will be at this year’s New York Fashion Week (Feb 17th). I will showcase all those aesthetics’.

BE-Style: Are most of your collections androgynous / unisex?
SB: Very unisex, it’s up to you if you want to wear a dress or a pair of pants.

BE-Style: What would you like for Stevie Boi collections to BEcome?
SB: A massive brand. I’ve worked so hard to make this brand come alive. I have accomplished a lot within the last year and now its time to get the brand into households worldwide.

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