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BE-Style: Tell me what inspired you to create a collection called X2SEA & what’s BEhind the spelling?

SB: The collection was inspired by my recent trip to the U.S. & British Virgin Islands. I was inspired by the BEautiful atmosphere and culture.

BE-Style: Unlike past collections of hard & dark mediums, you went more vibrant and playful with X2SEA. What brought about this change?

SB: It was simply time for change. Dark ascetics are usually my comfort zone. I had to look at my previous collections and question what I have not accomplished as an artist/designer and challenge myself. I wanted to do something edgy but also fun and inviting.

BE-Style: What consumer do you envision rocking the new pieces from this eyewear collection?

SB: I always say. “I design for the fearless” my demographic is very open to new ideas and new concepts. They aren’t afraid to challenge themselves. Even the average politician or trash-man can see something of the Stevie Boi brand they can relate to. I think it’s more of what the consumer is ok with supporting rather than me trying to design only for one demographic.

BE-Style: I see that you have started producing garments with different Stevie Boi inspired motifs, is this the beginning of a new clothing line or partnership?

SB: Yes, this is a new partnership I cannot say much just yet but it will include a Stevie Boi App & store distribution world wide!

BE-Style: How important is it for you continue BEing the face of Stevie Boi? The look seemingly works among your fans.

SB: I’m sure at some point I will find a face of my brand that will dedicate his/her selves to speaking highly and taking the time to appreciate my business. But like I always say, only you know how you want your company to flow. And at the moment, I am the best face for my company.

BE-Style: Always on the cutting edge of creativity, what will BE the next move for Stevie Boi?

SB: Right now I already have over 15 showcase tour dates in the United States, china and Europe to show my new collection “X2Sea” for fashion weeks, colleges and other open opportunities. My main goal with this collection is to show how diverse I am as a designer but to also give people more to look out for in the future. I am also securing a fashion illustrated book deal for September launch.

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