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Future international sensation Strings: The rapper, the singer, the story teller shares her story of how having a passion for music at an early age forced her to make her passion her reality.

BEing brought up in a family of music, Strings grew up knowing she was destined to BE in music. Her father played every instrument and having a grandfather who was a blues pianist,naturally she caught the singing bug at the early age of 7.

Born Marinna Teal, she needed a name that would epitomize the way she expressed her art. Coming from music, she felt as if the STRINGS in instruments is what allows the music to give you feeling and creates emotions through sound. “The Strings tell the story and provide that missing dramatic element. ” she says. From this Strings – the artist was created.

Strings’ music career started after she met the legendary singer/songwriter R.Kelly . The first time she met him, she sang for him, and the next time they met, she rapped for him. Following the rap performance, Strings was then signed as R.Kelly’s first artist to his Jive/Rockland Label. Through her interactions with Kellz, she was given the opportunity to see how the music industry worked and learned a new sense of industry professionalism that would take her far in this music game. She went on to sign with Keith Sweat , Cash Money Records, and after realizing that no one would ever see the vision for her that she saw for herself, she decided to take her destiny into her own hands and started her independent label HI MAINTENANCE MUSIC.

What set Strings apart from every other artist, in her eyes, is her persistence and most of all her unBElieveable ,unrealistic optimism about life. Although some things she views may not BE real for others, they remain real for her and she stands firm in BElieveing that. She’ll never give up on the things she BElieves in.

When Strings isn’t in the studio , she spends her time with her fashions. She is heavy into fashion accessories and has a great eye for them. Having started an accessory line named IRON LACE Accessories, she creates custom shoe bags for travel.

Always aspiring to BE greater than she is, and happy to BE doing things on her own terms, she enjoys helping other people decide what they want to do in life. Using everyday to grow, Strings constantly asks herself “How do I BEcome greatER?

The advice she gives to others is first off: LOVE WHAT YOU DO! Obstacles can BE discouraging, but you must press BEyond them. You must make sacrifices in order to get where you want to go. Maintaining your passion is just as important as the air you breathe. Lastly, always stay true to yourself.

She loves interaction from her fans! Contact her on her twitter @StringsMusic1 and visit her website

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