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This time of year, for me, brings about two thing for sure… (1) my hate for the hot temperatures and (2) sunburn.. ok, make it (3) the unbalanced oil in my skin. Not that I am throwing daggers at Mother Nature but surely she can find some other way to express her inner sizzle than with these unyielding summer moments. (joking but not)… For this reason, as a male I am constently looking for skin regiments to give me a balance. I sometimes result to products not marketed to my complexion or ethnicity, I’ve found them to work wonders. Today is no different, I’ve come across a new line, at least for me, and I am excited about trying it out. Here’s the scoop:

Beauty “Made in Germany” with 50 years of expertise and tradition – M. Asam products, sold exclusively on HSN, effectively combine anti-aging ingredients from grapes such as OPC (grape seed extract), grape cell water, grape seed oil and resveratrol, as well as plant-based ingredients and innovative high-tech ingredients to counteract the signs of premature skin aging. These quintessential summertime products are perfect for the hot months ahead.

The needs of your skin tend to differ from winter to summer. Whereas in winter we usually need richer textures and more intensive skincare products, summer is all about light textures and fresh scents. These brand new products will be presented exclusively on HSN on Sunday, June 1st at 6am, 10am and Monday, June 2nd at 10am, 2pm and 7pm.

MAGIC FINISH Special Edition mas006.05com-m.-asam-magicfinish70ml_anniversary
Experience the magic of Magic Finish. This silky make-up texture blends beautifully into your skin and conceals uneven skin tone for a light, matte, natural looking finish. No more need for powder. It provides light to medium or full coverage depending on application for a flawless, radiant appearance.
Magic Finish 2.37 fl.oz./70ml
HSN Price $39.95

VINO GOLD® 90 Days Ultimate Anti-Aging Set
This VINO GOLD® Ultimate Anti-Aging Set contains an entire skin care program for 90 days. The set comprises the Cleansing Gel, Intensive Serum, Eye Cream, Neck and Décolleté Cream, Day and Night Moisturizing Cream and Perfect Teint and is a perfect starter set for those who want to try out our VINO GOLD® skincare line.
VG Cleansing Gel 6.76 fl.oz., VG Intensive Serum 1.69 fl.oz.,
VG Eye Cream 1.01 fl.oz.,
VG Day and Night Moisturizing Cream 3.38 fl.oz.,
VG Neck and Décolleté Cream 3.38 fl.oz.,
Perfect Teint 0.17 fl.oz.
HSN Price $59.95

AQUA INTENSE® Ampoule Beauty Treatment for 14 days
This fragrance free ampoule beauty treatment contains our patent pending hyaluronic acid complex that intensely moisturizes your skin and helps it retain moisture. It is enriched with silicium and other premium minerals, including magnesium, copper and zinc. This special beauty treatment intensely moisturizes and cares for your skin and helps fight against the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
AQUA INTENSE® Ampoule Beauty Treatment 140.067 fl.oz./2ml
HSN Price $34.95, Special Price $24.95

AQUA INTENSE® MoistureRecharge NightCream Provides Intensive Moisture mas006.03com-m.-asam-ai_nachtcreme_150ml
This fragrance free night cream is enriched with silicium and contains our patent pending hyaluronic acid complex that intensely hydrates your skin and helps it retain moisture. The creamy, rich formulation cares for your skin through the night and leaves it feeling supple, soft and recharged each morning.
AQUA INTENSE® Moisture Recharge Night Cream 5.07 fl.oz./150ml
HSN Price $49.95, Special Price $39.95

AQUA INTENSE® Hyaluron FacialCleanser Duo mas006.04com-m.-asam-ai_reinigungsgel200ml
A fresh, foaming cleanser that gently and thoroughly cleans your skin. The fragrance free formulation cares for your skin with pearls of jojoba wax, mild tensides and hyaluronic acid. It removes dirt, dead skin cells and make-up and leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and supple.
2 x AQUA INTENSE® Hyaluron Facial Cleanser 6.76 fl.oz.
HSN Price $24.95

Key ingredients from grapes
The M. Asam® products owe their extraordinary anti-aging effect mainly to their grape-derived ingredients, which have been researched and processed in the family‘s own grape-processing factory in Landau, Germany, for the past 20 years.

OPC, a grape seed extract is the strongest natural antioxidant researched to date – six times as strong as vitamin C and twenty times as effective as vitamin E. That makes OPC a natural “youth enzyme” that combats visible signs of skin aging caused by free radicals.

Resveratrol is a natural powerful antioxidant and extracted from the grape vines. It can activate the messenger substance sirtuin, known for its „power of youth“, which maintains the youthfulness of the skin. Resveratrol also increases collagen production in the skin and has a proven anti-wrinkle effect.

Cold-pressed grape seed oil is also produced by M. Asam®. This high-quality oil is rich in unsaturated (Omega-6 and Omega-9) fatty acids, vitamin E and secondary plant substances.

Grape cell water is obtained from grape cells by means of a complicated distillation process. It can increase the effect of other active ingredient systems.

Grape stem cells are obtained from grape pulp. These are used to protect the skin stem cells and offer secondary UV protection against UVA radiation. The intact function of the skin stem cells is essential for the skin to appear radiant.

Source: BEautyPress

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