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     Deatra’s early foray into the world of makeup was at the tender age of five when she received a Barbie makeup kit for Christmas. It was then that she realized her connection to all things of beauty. Now fast forward sixteen years, to the age of twenty-one, her interests had evolved into the full-fledged love of makeup artistry. Over the last eight years, Deatra has found herself at the top of her proverbial game by mastering the skill and expertise of makeup artistry and skin care. She received training with some of the innovators in the world of skincare and makeup including M.A.C., Dermalogica, Jane Iredale, and Dr. Spiller’s Bio-Cosmetics as well as worked with such companies as EyeCandy Images, Bovanti, Atlanta Talent Connections, Diva Beauty Creators, and with product lines M.A.C., Bovanti, Candy Couture, NYX cosmetics. 
     She continues to develop her craft and is always open to creating something new and innovative for her clients while, at the same time, supporting their aesthetic vision. Deatra has an innate ability to connect with her clients in such a way that they leave her makeup chair with a renewed sense of their own radiant beauty. Deatra’s sincere appreciation for beauty and her passion for working with people shows in the magnificent work she does. “I pray that after 20 years in the industry, I will still love what I do! I truly have that best job in the world. I look forward to every new face and every new day.”
     I had the opportunity to chat with Deatra on way to achieve and maintain healthy skin. The summer is a rough time of year for most of persons as we deal with the heat and exposure to the sun. Nonetheless, it is still possible to have less breakouts, a balanced skin tone, and fresh look.
BE-Style: What are the benefits of having skin care regiment for every season?
DD: Skin care regiments really depend on the elements of where you live. In the winter, the cold air-dries out your skin so you need products that will hydrate and moisturize. In the summer it’s more so a rejuvenation period, so you need products that will bring that dry skin back to life as well as renew the skin that is coming in at that point. The skin will rejuvenate every 28 days. With that being said, as professionals, we suggest that you change products every season. In winter months, you’re doing a heavy moisturizer. The summer months, you will use an SPF and light moisturizer. You want to make sure that you have a good exfoliant and a cleanser for your skin care needs. I also recommend that everyone have a skin analysis by a professional at least once, to make sure that they are aware of their skin types. 
BE-Style: Is ok to use a moisturizer that also has SPF 30 on the label as an added component?
DD: I would suggest that you actually two different products because the moisturizer simply hydrates the skin. The SPF has to be added multiple times throughout the day as it may deplete after about three-hours. 
BE-Style: Would you recommend using regular bath soap on your face?
DD: No, I wouldn’t. First of all, soap dries out the skin and the skin on your face and body are totally different. The skin on your skin is more sensitive due to the exposure to the sun and outdoor elements. I suggest using a facial cleanser to get the best results when attempting to clean the skin and remove oils from the pores. 
BE-Style: Can we attribute aging gracefully to using great skin care regiments?
DD: Yes, most people that have a skin care regiment that includes the application of a moisturizer and an exfoliant will have healthier skin, hence aging gracefully. In my profession, we definitely see the difference in the skin of those that have these regiments versus the clients that do not. When making sure that you take of your skin, you will notice the skin being bright and have the appearance of a regular glow. 
BE-Style: Could you name key points for summer makeup application?
DD:   1. Make sure to moisturize before applying the makeup
        2. Try to do a lighter foundation application, allowing your skin to breathe during the day
        3. Use lighter eye shadows unless you’re going out at night 
BE-Style: For men that are not into stocking up on facial products, what are the basic regiments and products you would recommend?
DD: Men should definitely invest in good shaving products also a moisturizer, exfoliate and even an SPF. The skin lines specifically designed for men are limited but they should not be afraid to go to local drug stores or even mall retailers for great products. 
BE-Style: Do you recommended glycolic or facial peels during the summer months?
DD: The benefits of these treatments are best realized when done in a series. They expose new layers of skin that can be sensitive to the elements. When having the new skin exposed to the sun, it will do damage to skin during this time of year. We recommend you to have these treatments in the earlier parts of the summer months followed by the application of the suggested products. If you can not afford the designer products, be sure to pay attention to their components so that you may find products that fit your budget.
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