Summer Soles



I can’t seem to remember there BEing a time when it was as easy
for me to shop as it were for my female cousins. It seemed as though, the
retailers were always out of a size, didn’t make in my size, or I had to go
“high-end” to look good. In hindsight, I guess this is where the
fashionado was born. By no means do I claim to BE in end all BE all to fashion,
but I surely know what it means to want the hottest pair of sneakers, a nice
pair of jeans, and sometimes even a distressed leather jacket. Of course, as
fashion progresses, designers realize that menswear is a demanding market and
we do love to look good for the ladies.

With all this BEing said, this issue is about summer shoe trends
and I have selected a few of my favorites. From flip flops to loafers, moccasins to sneakers; from
Adidas to Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana to Vans, there is something for everyone.





Please find your favorite pair of S/S ’12 at the online shops for: Converse, Vans, D&G, Adidas, Supra, Gucci. Prada, Lanvin, Cavalli, Car Shoe, & Puma.

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