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This is J Write, Editor-In-Chief of Be Entertained Magazine and I am now sitting on the line with a man and proud to see all of the moves he’s been making, Mr. Rico Love. What’s going on man?
Rico Love: I’m good man, how you doing?
I’m great man. I know you got some big things popping. You’re in Atlanta, invading the city for one night only. Go ahead and let us know what you’re doing in Atlanta and what you got going on.
Rico Love: Well I’m actually out in Atlanta working with Wale, just started Wale’s album then I got a party tonight at Aurum Lounge. So we’re going to go there, have good time, celebrate life, celebrate success and have fun.
You growing to be one of the most sought after songwriters and producers. Kind of tell me how that feels to be regarded so highly in the entertainment industry.
Rico Love: It’s amazing. I really don’t take time to feel it because I’m working so much. I just want to stay focused on being relevant. That’s the main thing, staying on top. I still have so much stuff to do. I don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface yet. So, it feels good. I’m grateful but I still got a lot more work to do.
Obviously you’re known for one of the terms that you use a lot in your music and when you write. Explain to me what the “turn the lights on” music is.
Rico Love: “Turn the lights on” is a tag I put on all my records. There’s this song called The Wall by Pink Floyd and they would play it in the club all the time and the lights would be off. So by the time in the song they’d say “Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone”, all the lights would come on in the club. I’d just scream turn the lights on in my head. One day in the studio, I just started saying it on my records and it stuck to me.
Having worked with some of the biggest names in music like Beyoncé and Usher, how does it feel when you hear a record that you’ve worked on go #1 or get heavy, heavy radio spin?
Rico Love: It’s a blessing man. I’m always excited. It never gets old. It’s not like a situation in where you get used to it. I never get used it. I always want my records to do well. I always want my records to go #1 so it feels good when you get that type of success.
Who are some of your favorite people you’ve worked with in the studio? I know you’re appreciative of everyone that you’ve worked with but what are your best times you’ve had in the studio?
Rico Love: B, Monica, Brandy is amazing to work with. Those are some of my favorites.
I know from watching you closely, when you first started coming up, you were coming up as an artist. Do you plan on releasing anything as an artist?
Rico Love: Nah, Rico Love as an artist. That’s not going to happen. I feel like it’s a big cliché to do it at this point. I’m still got to work with Sean Garrett, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson and Dream. Right now at this point, I feel like if I do it, it’ll be like “Oh, here goes another one”. So I’m just going to do what I do and write songs, just be original. I don’t like to do what everybody else is doing.
I know you have a real unique style of writing songs. I hear you don’t write things down and that you generally like to sing things that come to you and then you tweak it. How does that work and how did you get that style and make it work for you?
Rico Love: I was just rapping then I’d start to memorize and then go into the booth. It’s just something I incorporated into songwriting. It’s not as simple as people think it is. When you write stuff down, you’re not reading the whole sentence. You’re just taking a picture with your brain. So it’s the same thing as your memory. Your memory is strong enough to do it, it’s just about are you afraid to not write it down? People have a fear of it, so they usually forget.
What’s good with the label? Are you still looking for artist? I know we got to see you on Love & Hip Hop and you were working with Teairra Marí.
Rico Love: Nah, I’m never looking for artists, I’m always keeping my eyes looking for them though. I write the number of my female artist, her name is Rabbit. She’s from DC. She’s an emcee, she’s crazy. Also I got MJ, he’s from Milwaukee. He’s an R&B artist that I’m developing. Then I got Teairra, who I’m really making my main priority right now.
Well we definitely will be supporting you in anything that you need. I really appreciate you again taking time out and looking out for us.
Rico Love: Alright no problem, I appreciate the love.

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