SWEET Dreams with Cherry Prailleau

I will begin with Ms. Cherry. This young lady began her strategic career path as a scholastic achiever with a clear goal on what she wanted out of life. She knew that by getting a solid education and carving a path for her in the business world, that she would be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle and BE successful in her respected field. For years, Cherry has worked in corporate America as a Technical Writer. Focusing on her career, Cherry left behind what she found at the young age of 16, the love and natural skill of baking. It was at this impressionable age that Cherry discovered her ability to successfully bake eatable treats.

It was on my Sweet 16th birthday that I decided to bake my first cake. I remember the day so vividly; it was a Betty Crocker’s Devils Food Cake with chocolate frosting inside the layers and vanilla frosting on the outer layers. I was so proud of myself and at the moment I knew a baker was born! From that point forward I baked peanut butter cookies from scratch for my sister and soon after I was baking pecan pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I received rave reviews and compliments from my family and friends about my pecan pies and soon they became a highly requested treat for the holiday season. I’d like to say that I kept on with this craft but the years came and went and I didn’t bake as often as I would have liked. Though, when an opportunity presented itself, I would bake special sweet treats for friends’ and co-workers’ birthdays or special occasions.

The year of 2008 brought a desire for more creativity in my life. What better way to be creative than baking? It is an amazing craft to take basic ingredients and create a moist, delicious and beautifully decorated cake! That was my ‘a ha’ moment and the inspiration I needed to get motivated again. Though, this time around, expanding my baking skills would be the challenge so I found a wide range of made from scratch recipes and started baking. It was during those moments that I rediscovered my love and passion for baking. My love for all things sweet allowed me the opportunity to share my creations with my friends and co-workers, for I would give the treats as gifts to them. The smiling faces and many compliments brought much joy to my heart. The compliments ranged from how delicious, moist and rich my cakes were along with encouragement for me to consider selling my sweet treats. I thought it was a wonderful idea and decided to enroll in Wilton Cake decorating classes. Not only did I want my cakes to be delicious but also I wanted them to look amazing. The decorating classes gave me the edge I needed to begin my exciting journey. Now, here I am today in 2010, my love and passion for baking has turned into my own business Cherry Cakes!!

BE-Style: What is it about baking that brings you joy?

CC: Joy comes from the fact that I take basic and simple ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar, etc. and turn them into delectable works of art that are pleasing to the eyes and the palette.

BE: When did you know that you had the knack for bringing love through sweet treats?

CC: My first experience with baking began when I made a cake for my Sweet 16 birthday. It was a devil food cake with vanilla icing. Of course it was a box cake but after that it sparked something in me and soon after I was baking peanut butter cookies as well as pecan pies from scratch. My family and friends then started to request for me to bake pecan pies for every holiday. So, it was something that kind of took naturally for me considering no one else in my family bakes.

BE: What would BE your baker’s dream in the business?

CC: My bakers dream would be to own a sweets boutique. I’m not a fan of running a business as much as I am passionate about baking. But, having a storefront and a successful business would be a blessing. It would give me the opportunity and make it possible for me to share my talent to a wide range of people, which what I believe is a gift from God.


BE: What’s the favorite of your baked goods?

CC: It’s hard for me to pick one as my favorite because they all are dear to me in their own different way. But, if I had to pick one I would say my red velvet cupcakes. I would say it has the right balance of that hint of chocolate that’s missing from others I’ve tried and my bourbon cream cheese just sets it over the top!

BE: What treats do you suggest for V-Day?

CC: Cake Pops, which are bite-size bits of moist cake blended with rich frosting, surrounded in a deliciously beautiful confectionery coatings. They are huge hit this year and I’ve become a cake pop fanatic! They are the perfect little gift they won’t make you feel bad in case you are on a diet (but in moderation).

BE: How should a customer feel once tasting your baked treat?

CC: I remember taking some samples of my banana nutella filled cupcakes with whipped rum frosting to a few people that I normally let sample my new test recipes. After trying one, she described it as “Pure Nirvana”. I thought that was a pretty high compliment so if I had to say what I want a customer to feel is that. Total bliss!!!!

BE: What sets your bakery apart from others in the business?

CC: I believe what sets me apart is my passion and love for everything I bake. If a customer orders just a dozen cake pops for her sons birthday; a client orders a dozen or two cupcakes for a special event, etc. Then I’m not satisfied with just giving them “just cake pops or cupcakes”. I go above and beyond the call of duty and if that means adding birthday favor tags to the cake pops or creating a small dessert table as an incentive then that’s what I’ll do. I care about my brand so much that I’m never satisfied with “just”. I always want to represent it with the highest of standard because it has my name on it… Literally.

BE: Where do you see your company in 5yrs?

CC: My business has grown in so many ways in just two years. I didn’t see or plan any of this for myself and I’ve been blessed beyond my expectation. I honestly believe that whatever dreams I have for my business and myself are nowhere in comparison to what God has in store for me. He has done things I never saw happening and I think I’ll just leave it all up to Him. I don’t know what will happen for my business because I honestly didn’t see this becoming what it is today. But, God certainly does know what He has planned and I’ll continue to let him direct my path. If I will say one thing, it is “Watch out World,” here comes Cherry Cakes!!!!


For Cherry Prailleau full bio & orders: http://www.cherrycakesllc.com/





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