#SweetTooth: The Sweet Shots Cupcakes Remedy


Sweet Shots Cupcakes started 3 years ago in Columbus, Ohio while sitting around having drinks 1/2 owner Miranda Lewis thought to turn a drink into a cupcake. The first batch was made and word of mouth got around the city and it took off from there because it wasn’t being done in their hometown.

In Sept 2012 Miranda and Kooture headed  to Atlanta for BET hip hop weekend and they were asked by their big bro The Commission own DJ Kno It All to do DJ Holiday mansion party and after the buzz got around ATL.

At the top of 2013 Miranda and Kooture made the decision to take their talents from the 614 to the 404. August of 2013 they made the big move and hit the ground running as soon as they landed in the city.

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Sweet Shots Cupcakes is making a big buzz not only in ATL and Columbus but in other major cities and internationally. They are currently baking out of their home but they have some big things coming soon.

Everyone ask what their secret to success is and they say to keep God first, have a plan and have a great circle of movers and shakers and supporters.

Sweet Shots Fan Favorites: 

Pineapple Ciroc upside down Cupcake.

Peach Ciroc Cupcake

Peach Candy and Strawberry non infused cupcakes

Hennessey Neapolitan Cupcake

Chocolate Kahlua mudslide cupcake

Pink Velvet non infused cupcake

Cotton Candy infused with cotton candy flavored vodka

Dusse infused cupcake with a extra shot glass on top.

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