T-Mo Goodie has the "freedom to change lives"

T-Mo Goodie is a hip-hop legend.It isn’t everyday that you get the chance to chill in the day and life of ¼ of the hit group the Goodie Mob, but for a group of youth, this reality will seem like second nature in the matter of weeks. Robert “T-Mo Goodie” Barnett has been on his grown man for years, but he’s ready to take his experiences and maturity to higher heights and stop sleeping on a group of indiviuals the world has always looked at as second rate, yet the future…our kids.

Goodie Mob first hit the scene in 1995 with founding members Cee-Lo, Khujo, Big Gipp, and T-Mo, and are most thoroughly remembered for delivering hits such as “Cell Therapy”, “Soul Food”, “They Don’t Dance No Mo”, “Get Rich to This”, and “One Monkey”. The Goodie Mob was also infamous for being associated with the Dungeon Family which is responsible for artists such as Jonelle Monae, Sleepy Brown, and even more noted, Andre “3000” Benjamin and Antwon “Big Boi” Patton of the internationally acclaimed duo Outkast. Being a part of such prominence, it’s easy to see why many can’t believe the Goodie Mob would ever part ways, but in 2000 the group made it official once Cee-Lo decided to part ways. The group still continued to make music as well as form solo careers, but fans everywhere wouldn’t have too long to wait before the inevitable would happen. In 2007 the group announced a GM reunion, and in 2008 at a Nelly concert in Atlanta, all 4 original members gave fans what they had been waiting for by all blessing the stage and ripping a once in a lifetime reunion performance; a performance that still gives fans hope that not only is there a reunion performance in the making, but an entire album to follow.

While we’ll all have to wait to see what the outcome of a new Goodie Mob album will be, one thing we can all be assured of is that the entire group is the least bit stagnant as solo entities, or with their perspective groups. There’s the Lumberjacks (Khujo), Kinfolk (Gipp), Gnarles Barkley (Cee-Lo), and now T-Mo Goodie is back with his solo project “Freedom”. “Freedom” is more than an album title, and an album; “Freedom” is more like a movement which will not only continue to showcase T-Mo’s growing talents, but will also change a lot of little lives in the process. 

BE Magazine1: We’ve been taliking about the kind of industies most slept on, which to me is the kids. We know you’ve got some big things going on with the kids, so go ahead and tell us what you got going on with the Freedom Movement and all that.

BE Magazine2: For those that haven’t heard about what you’re doing for the kids, tell me how the kids can reach out to you and be apart of this program & what’s the foundation of the program you’re starting?

BE Magazine3: So tell us what you’ve got going on with your solo project.

BE Magazine4: What do you have to say to those people that are trying to hold others back, and for those individuals that don’t recognize strengths, but opt to only focus on negatives?

Make sure you check out T-Mo’s new album FREEDOM; you can cop it anywhere on the internet…iTunes, Rhapsody, and the rest of the music joints. If you have children that aspire to be in the music industry, keep your ears open for T-Mo’s classes; you definitely want them to be a part of this experience BEfore getting in the game.

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