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Atlanta has BEcome an incredible culinary destination, and a hub for business and leisure dining. For both locals and last-minute travelers this raises the questions, “Where should I eat?,” and, “How will I get in?” Launching  in Atlanta, restaurant reservation platform Table8(available via iPhone and Android apps and through Table8.com) offers a highly curated guide to the city’s best restaurants, and access to otherwise fully-booked tables with the click of a button. Users simply sign up for a free memBErship, browse a succinct and informative list of restaurants, and select a guaranteedreservation. Tables reserved at peak, sold-out times are offered for a small reservation fee, which is shared with the restaurant; all other times, reservations are on the house. “These are the managers’ tables once set aside only for last-minute VIP diners that are now BEing made available to everyone,” says Table8 co-founder Santosh Jayaram.

“The dining scene in Atlanta has grown dramatically over the last decade, creating increased demand for prime-time reservations,” says Federico Castellucci, President of Castellucci Hospitality Group. “We chose to partner with Table8 BEcause we like the idea of providing another means of access to our restaurants for guests who want to be spontaneous about dining with us. This BEcomes especially important for business diners who want to experience great Atlanta restaurants without needing to make a commitment weeks in advance.”

Table8 has had many successful launches in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Chicago and now  in Atlanta with some of the city’s most prestigious restaurant partners.

Table8 is the brainchild of Pete Goettner, a venture capitalist and CEO of DigitalThink, and Santosh Jayaram, the first Vice President of Business Operations at Twitter. Frustrated with their restaurant routines, and the lack of availability at both new and classic destinations, Goettner and Jayaram builtTable8 to open last-minute reservation access, and create a new revenue stream for restaurants. Table8works one-on-one with each restaurant to select the number of tables they would like to hold as well as the price of the seats, and then shares the proceeds.

Additionally, securing a hard-to-get reservation is one of the greatest challenges for the corporate diner and business traveler. Table8 has partnered with Concur, a software application that runs the travel desk and expenses for 85% of the Fortune 2000 companies, and is now integrated into their App Center. Table8provides restaurant recommendations and last-minute access to Concur’s 30 million corporate users, who can directly expense their reservations. “75% of business travel occurs with less than 10 days’ notice, but the best restaurants book weeks, or even months in advance,” says Goettner. “Our exclusive partnership with Concur allows business travelers to secure the reservation they need, when they need it.”


Table8 plans to launch in several additional US cities throughout 2015. For more information visitwww.table8.com, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

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