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Shop BARCODE GLAM Online Boutique

June 16th 2015

BARCODE GLAM  is an Online Women’s Boutique specializing in a assortment women shoes & accessories. Barcode Glam is about your Polish! Portraying your sense of fashion through your choice of shoes & accessories. To step out & make a statement of who you are with your shoes is not only our mission, but our passion. […]

Get Your CreationZ From A Dove Jewelry

June 12th 2015

When creative is what you want and custom is what you need, look no further than CreationZ From A Dove. We specialize in creating custom statement jewelry and accessories to accommodate all of your needs. It all started with a vision to design. A vision to create jewelry ,that reflected upon the creativity of its designer. Using […]

BE-Style: Top Hair Trends for Spring 2012

March 14th 2012

It is always good to switch your for the new season, and along with your wardrobe, look into switching your hairstyle up, too!

Accessories by Rhonda Rolax

October 19th 2010

Rhonda Rolax, a mother, a wife, now entrepreneur began her professional journey as an accountant for major firms in metro Atlanta. With working long hours and being readily available for her clients, Rhonda new her current professional environment would not afford her the lifestyle necessary to be the mom she felt she needed be. While […]

Money Keepers

March 18th 2009

Everyone loves to see a man in a good pair of shoes. It is believed to be the staple item that completes “his” outfit and overall look. If you take care of your shoes then you will be sure everything is in place. I am excited to share with our male and female readers, my idea […]

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