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NSFW: Video & Photos from HEDONISM Wet Live Erotic Art Affair

August 23rd 2016

While it may not have rained last night, there was no shortage of moistness at Atlanta’s infamous Apache Cafe for WET, another installment of HEDONISM, a reoccurring live erotic art show presented by Heather Lashun Photography, Pangea’s Garden, and Seven Branding….don’t BE scared to take a look (ADULTS), it’s just a lil’ ART!

Jermaine Clark Presents UNTITLED Art Exhibit

March 25th 2013

Over the weekend, artist Jermaine Clark packed out Doo Gallery for his “Untitled” Art Exhibit. We’ve BEen watching Jermaine Clark’s work for a couple of years, so to see his amazing growth and his tenacity to succeed has really touched a place in the hearts of BE Mag. Now let’s talk about the work: Untitled […]

BE-Style: The Story of Miss Carter

April 5th 2012

Elicia Carter has always had an interest in fashion ever since she could rememBEr. A lot of her inspiration came from her mother, grandmother and her aunt, who is a fashion designer. The young college student is studying art history and fashion merchandising, and has quite the resume! This is her story, meant to inspire and to show you that anything is possible when you add God and determination.

Chad Finley: Capturing the moment

October 19th 2010

I have to believe that the idiom, “Don’t reinvent the wheel, just perfect it” is nothing less than a true statement when I see such amazing talents soaring in a particular industry. Photography has been a craft for many years now, once used to capture great family moments and the only force that could freeze […]

Allen Cooley: Under the Lens

September 24th 2010

“Although there are exceptions to the rule, I BElieve there are very few people on the face of the earth that don’t have something to do with photographs either BEing taken of them or taking them of someone else. Furthermore, if that is the case, and I am creating images, then I’m left with the notion that I participate in the understanding of that cultural phenom…o yea, BEcause I’m a photographer I’ve got to post a picture so…”

A Bright Mind with a Blazing Future

April 13th 2009

BE-Style: So tell me a little bit about whom Christopher Thompson is. CT:  Well I am 25 years old, born and raised here in Atlanta, Georgia. I thoroughly enjoy working in any artistic capacity. That seems to be where I find my peace of mind, my solace. So creative works or art from clothing to […]

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