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Johnnie Cabbell – Music’s Next BIG CEO

July 19th 2009

In today’s music industry, rarely do we come across CEOs, executives, and managers that evoke the passion for the artists they represent. Usually, it’s money driven and good for business only. But when interviewing Johnnie Cabbell, I found a man who not only possessed passion and loyalty for the artists he represents, but shows heart […]

A Bright Mind with a Blazing Future

April 13th 2009

BE-Style: So tell me a little bit about whom Christopher Thompson is. CT:  Well I am 25 years old, born and raised here in Atlanta, Georgia. I thoroughly enjoy working in any artistic capacity. That seems to be where I find my peace of mind, my solace. So creative works or art from clothing to […]

Nyssa Green – Creating an Image

January 15th 2009

Passion. Many people search the world over to find happiness. To find something that actually fills the void in their lives. It is such a beautiful thing when you are true to yourself and you follow your heart and dreams to reach you full potential. When you realize your true destiny, you’re happy with your […]

Jus Bleezy | Midwest Maniac

October 10th 2008

BE-  EntertainedMag.com can pride ourselves with making sure that the underdog is well represented, and by underdog, let me be clear that I’m talking about hungry artists trying to get any hint of shine in the hit-or-MISS, mystical, Midwest rap game, but by no means St. Louis rapper Jus Bleezy. Bleezy doesn’t come with the […]

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