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Daron Jones- ” The RE-Invention”

July 31st 2012

BE Magazine’s Features Editor Charles also had the opportunity to sit down with 112 memBEr Daron Jones to get the EXCLUSIVE scoop on 112’s rumored return to the music scene…

Michael Keith “Back at Room 112” [EXCLUSIVE Interview]

July 31st 2012

BE Magazine’s Features Editor Charles got the chance to chop it up with Michael Keith of 112 right on the brink of what some call the comeback of 112. Check out the EXCLUSIVE…

Cover Story: Day26 – Are You Ready for A New Day?

November 20th 2011

Since the BEginning Day26 has always BEen a huge fan favorite, not only BEcause they are the only group left from the hit show “Making the Band” but mostly BEcause this is one group that many have seen from birth to now. This including literally the “making of the band”, creating the name, choosing a single, and through all the blood, sweat, and tears.

Jody Breeze | In the Air Tonite

November 19th 2008

The man named Jacoby White has seen his fair share of ups and downs. He has touched his dreams — and maybe even tasted them — but greed and selfishness abound in the industry we label “entertainment” has been known to hider the best of the best. So Jody Breeze has had to make his own way to […]

Reece | Life After Diddy

October 19th 2008

Everyone knows when you hear the name Sean Jean, there’s money in the air; but when you hear the name Diddy, those that have either worked for him, or that have come close to a shot at being a milliliter of importance in one of his magnitude of business affairs, get a completely different stench!!! […]

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