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Celebrity Studded Birthday Bash for Mr Bangladesh

March 14th 2013

Super producer Mr Bangladesh celebrated a very special Birthday  in ATL last night. The event hosted by  DJ Traci Steele, who is also the new cast member from Love and Hip Hop ATL included many of his clients and many of his star studded friends. On this very special day, Mr Bangladesh shared his new mix-tape with […]

[BE Reviewed] Brandy: Two Eleven

October 15th 2012

The wait is almost over! #Starz from near and far are all awaiting tomorrow’s release of Brandy’s sixth studio album Two Eleven, which is Brandy’s debut release under Chameleon Entertainment/RCA.

Diamond: Hip-Hop's Best Friend

May 14th 2009

In science class we learned that a diamond’s evolution takes thousands of years. It begins with a living organism that dies in a natural environment. Over time forces of nature – pressure, heat, and time – act upon the organism. Soon it emerges as coal. Left over more time, the coal can be mined and […]

Gabriel Hart: Video Vanguard

February 19th 2009

A “vanguard” is defined as the leading units in an army as well as the leading position in any movement or field. If that holds true, then Gabriel Hart is the greatest video director you never knew. Don’t believe me? Just ask him! While attending a technical school in Atlanta, he found himself at the […]

Bangladesh & Muffy | America's Best & America's Next

October 3rd 2008

There is no name in the game right now like Atlanta artist Muffy! By her tag alone, you can tell that there is something special about her, and by the time you get your first look it, almost all makes sense. On any given day you might see this eclectic songstress rocking light pink and […]

BE REVIEWED: B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray

May 21st 2008

All the BEautiful Girls STAND UP for B.o.B… Make sure you check out our review on B.o.B. Presents The Adventures of Bobby Ray!  Tweet

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