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Chloe & Halle Bailey – Smart Just Got Cuter

August 21st 2010

Bright new stars Chloe (age 12) and Halle (age 10) have taken the world of blockbuster movies by snowstorm and are now in the process of rain-storming into the music industry and claim yet another accolade for the two sisters.

Going Back & Giving Back – Atlanta’s Celebrity Youth Foundations

August 19th 2010

In an industry where many are called but few are chosen to be your mainstream actors, singers, producers, and rappers what their real role or job is, is much greater than what many may think. Because they are your most known and looked up to people in the world, their main role is to be leaders.

Vistoso Bosses – We’re on FIRE

August 19th 2010

What sticks out most about Vistoso Bosses (Vistoso is the Spanish term for Gorgeous) is their hard core ambition which parallels their spunky way of life.

Nate Walka – Blame It on the Talent

May 20th 2010

The name Nate Walka may not initially send bells ringing in your memory, but when you find out he’s partially the mastermind behind some of the biggest hits of 2009 and 2010, you’re interest is immediately sparked to know more about the man who’s coined the “stutter-style” in current music. Certain songwriters prefer to play the background […]

Who Is Travis Porter?

March 20th 2010

       BE Magazine was introduced to Travis Porter well BEfore the success of “All the Way Turnt Up,” and their current single, “Go Shorty Go.” Some of you may be asking, “Isn’t ‘Turnt Up,’ Roscoe Dash’s and Soulja Boy’s song?” Well, in the answer to that question lies part of the reason Travvvvy […]

Ester Dean – Dat Girl

November 19th 2009

I first heard Polow da Don’s newest prodigy Ester Dean on Gucci Mane’s song “White Girl (I Think I Love Her)”…also referred to as “Dat Girl (I think I Love Her)”.  Her verses were short and sweet, and her raspy voice laced the hook with a catchiness that would make the song a sure hit. […]

S.Fresh – Big boots to fill

December 19th 2008

When you mention Louisiana, there are a few common artists that initially jump into the brain, so commonly; other artists out of “da boot” have been plagued with feeling inadequate due to the huge shoes that must be filled. Well, the exact opposite speaks truth for Shreveport, Louisiana newcomer S.Fresh. Fresh knows that LA has […]

Girlie – Changing the Female Game

December 19th 2008

The world recently just found out that “Diva is the female version of a hustler”, and if that’s true, there has to be a definition behind being “Girlie”! If you’ve been listening to the radio, Beyonce just revealed the true meaning behind diva, but the world is about to get their first taste of what it […]

Gotti – Still Getting Cash Money

December 19th 2008

The name Gotti is a household name whether you’re talking gangster, actor, or rapper. It’s been a staple name in our society which usually parallels the fact that you are hardcore and getting money… This speaks volumes for Chicago native & veteran rapper Gotti, who once proudly completed the well known rap duo Boo & […]

T-Mo Goodie has the "freedom to change lives"

December 19th 2008

It isn’t everyday that you get the chance to chill in the day and life of ¼ of the hit group the Goodie Mob, but for a group of youth, this reality will seem like second nature in the matter of weeks. Robert “T-Mo Goodie” Barnett has been on his grown man for years, but […]

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