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BE Scene: Ilene Miriam – NY Baked Goods at their BEst

July 31st 2012

Tiffany Freeland CEO and Founder of Ilene Miriam Pasty Studio based in Harlem, NY is the new “it” pastry chef to enter the world of sweets and treats. Ilene Miriam blends traditional cake flavors and recipes with new, innovative tastes and designs. Recently Tiffany took time out of her busy schedule to share her story with BE Magazine…

Editor’s Note: The Art of Romance

February 14th 2012

I bring to you, The Art of Romance Issue. Telling the story of love, passion, faith, and bliss through the lives of these three dynamic women that have carved a place in the marble slabs of the respective lives.

The Beat of our Drums with Jackie Christie

February 14th 2012

I had the wonderful privilege of conversing with our previous BEMagazine Cover Model, Mrs. Jackie Christie. And yes, I said Model. Jackie Christie or Mrs. Jackie as I call our BE-friend, started modeling at a young age and by the looks of her photo shoots, she still “Got It.”

LOVE Rescued Me with Tamecka Petty

February 14th 2012

A body covered with torn cloth, smile hidden by pain, talents stifled by circumstance all leading to the undiscovered passion that runs through the veins of Tamecka Petty. I use these words to the paint the picture of a young lady that comes from very challenged background, full of turmoil and abuse. But through it all, she survived to become a woman of great promise and success. Tamecka is now the proud owner of CRAVE CupCake.

SWEET Dreams with Cherry Prailleau

February 14th 2012

I will begin with Ms. Cherry. This young lady began her strategic career path as a scholastic achiever with a clear goal on what she wanted out of life. She knew that by getting a solid education and carving a path for her in the business world, that she would be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle and BE successful in her respected field. For years, Cherry has worked in corporate America as a Technical Writer.

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