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Editor’s Note: The Art of Romance

February 14th 2012

I bring to you, The Art of Romance Issue. Telling the story of love, passion, faith, and bliss through the lives of these three dynamic women that have carved a place in the marble slabs of the respective lives.

The Beat of our Drums with Jackie Christie

February 14th 2012

I had the wonderful privilege of conversing with our previous BEMagazine Cover Model, Mrs. Jackie Christie. And yes, I said Model. Jackie Christie or Mrs. Jackie as I call our BE-friend, started modeling at a young age and by the looks of her photo shoots, she still “Got It.”

LOVE Rescued Me with Tamecka Petty

February 14th 2012

A body covered with torn cloth, smile hidden by pain, talents stifled by circumstance all leading to the undiscovered passion that runs through the veins of Tamecka Petty. I use these words to the paint the picture of a young lady that comes from very challenged background, full of turmoil and abuse. But through it all, she survived to become a woman of great promise and success. Tamecka is now the proud owner of CRAVE CupCake.

SWEET Dreams with Cherry Prailleau

February 14th 2012

I will begin with Ms. Cherry. This young lady began her strategic career path as a scholastic achiever with a clear goal on what she wanted out of life. She knew that by getting a solid education and carving a path for her in the business world, that she would be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle and BE successful in her respected field. For years, Cherry has worked in corporate America as a Technical Writer.

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