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BE-Style: Kings Art

February 1st 2012

To be different in such a competitive world is definitely a bonus in order to get the credit that is much deserved. Kings Art is not your typical clothing line, and the ultimate plan is for KA to surpass the urban fashion world and to branch into the world of high fashion names such as Gucci, Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton.


John Blu – Windy City Legacy

October 19th 2010

Chicago, IL is responsible for delivering some of the BEst male musicians of today’s times; from seasoned Hip Hop vets like Kanye West, Common, Twista, & Lupe Fiasco all the way to up & coming R&B crooners like Jeremih and newly signed JIVE recording artist John Blu. Whether they’ve BEen out for 10 plus years, or just starting to embark on a heavy hitting career, all of the above are well noted hit makers, and not only in the Windy City.

Majic Massey – Bringing that Old School Back

November 19th 2009

A new soul originally from Chicago, made his way to Atlanta stamping his smooth R&B sound to our generation. Majic Massey is here & wants to be influential in merging the old with the new. His 2009 single “Chevy Sex” is making a big splash on radio airwaves, and instantly gave him the credibility to call himself [...]

Jeremih makes his mark

June 30th 2009

From the introductory single, “Birthday Sex”, and the hot remix featuring R&B legend R. Kelly, my initial reaction to Def Jam recording artist and Chicago native Jeremih Felton was reactions of disgust and intrigue. Disgust because the radio stations were playing the single on overkill even during the morning hours when children were around and intrigue [...]

Gotti – Still Getting Cash Money

December 19th 2008

The name Gotti is a household name whether you’re talking gangster, actor, or rapper. It’s been a staple name in our society which usually parallels the fact that you are hardcore and getting money… This speaks volumes for Chicago native & veteran rapper Gotti, who once proudly completed the well known rap duo Boo & [...]

Feminine, Fashionable, Formidable – The First Lady

November 18th 2008

   “Behind every strong man stands an even stronger woman…“     This Old Testament holds true when you think about Barack Obama – the new “leader of the free world” – the President-Elect of the United States of America. He stands before us on the shoulders of the strong women in his life that he [...]

Usher Raymond Presents Raymond vs Raymond

May 21st 2008

Have you BEen awaiting Usher’s Return??? HE’S BACK! Here’s our BE Reviewed on Raymond vs Raymond… Tweet

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