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Day26 Reunites for the First Time in 4 Years w/ All MemBErs

January 28th 2014

Over the weekend, RnB Spotlight at SOBs served as the official reunion performance for Day26. All five original members took the stage and performed together for the first time in years. Mike, Que, Robert, Willie and Brian thrilled their adoring fans when they finally hit the stage and make their triumphant return as one. Rnb Spotlight was hosted by its founder, Cory […]


Cover Story: Day26 – Are You Ready for A New Day?

November 20th 2011

Since the BEginning Day26 has always BEen a huge fan favorite, not only BEcause they are the only group left from the hit show “Making the Band” but mostly BEcause this is one group that many have seen from birth to now. This including literally the “making of the band”, creating the name, choosing a single, and through all the blood, sweat, and tears.

Day 26 – Forever in Brotherhood

May 12th 2009

broth.er Show Spelled Pronunciation [bruhth -er or, for 9, bruhth -ur] Show IPA noun, plural brothers, (Archaic ) brethren; interjection-noun a male numbered among the same kinship group, nationality, race, profession, etc., as another; an associate; a fellow member, fellow countryman, fellow man, etc.: a fraternity brother. [source]The word BROTHER isn’t a term that’s used […]

Reece | Life After Diddy

October 19th 2008

Everyone knows when you hear the name Sean Jean, there’s money in the air; but when you hear the name Diddy, those that have either worked for him, or that have come close to a shot at being a milliliter of importance in one of his magnitude of business affairs, get a completely different stench!!! […]

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