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Coalition DJ’s: more than a strippers BEst friend

November 26th 2010

The Coalition DJs are often the DJs who are breaking an artists record in ATL. But they are much more than just “strip club DJs”. In honor of this month’s celebration of the DJ, we were invited by BEehiveFM Radio’s Nick Love to learn more about what the Coalition DJs do. And while one of the Coalition’s ranks may break your record, the team has a takeover plan that includes more than just the strip clubs.

J-Futuristic (aka J-Money)

July 18th 2009

fu?tur?is?tic – [fyoo-chuh-ris-tik] –adjective ahead of the times; advanced: futuristic technology. [source] The above definition should really explain it all, but what could possibly make someone who’s success in a brand-driven market where name recognition is crucial, change their name just as he works to reach the next level?This is a story that J-Money can […]

Drake – The Best We Ever Had?

June 17th 2009

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is the hottest name in hip-hop right now. Why? Because Lil’ Wayne said so! Well, that isn’t the reason all by itself but it does help. Drake’s affiliation with Weezy’s Young Money label a year ago seems to have cemented his rise to stardom. That, along with two smash hits, “Best I […]

Vistoso Bosses

February 18th 2009

                                     MEET VISTOSO BOSSES “Blood couldn’t make us any closer,” replies 17-year-old Taylor Parker, one-half of the eccentric teenage music duo known as Vistoso Bosses. She refers to her counterpart, Kelci Ferguson, 16, who eagerly chimes in excitedly about “growing up together” in their hometown of Atlanta, GA, where the group still resides. Their […]

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