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Kurupt – Streetlights

April 19th 2010

BE Magazine got the chance to sit down and speak with a West Coast LEGEND in the game, one who infamously rocked your speakers throughout the early 90’s. He’s known for always hanging with a group of proven gangsters — from Biggie and Tupac to Snoop and Suge Knight — but is ready to showcase a new way to live […]

Lil Kim – Through the Fire

September 12th 2009

Lil Kim is the most popular female rapper in history. Her crossover appeal was cemented earlier this year with her stint on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Yet after four popular studio albums under her belt, the respect and appreciation for her talent is nowhere near comparable to her male counterparts at the top of […]

Lil Boosie: Bad vs Good?

September 12th 2009

November 2009 is shaping up to be quite a month for Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Torrence Hatch. Better known as  Lil Boosie “Bad Azz,” Hatch will celebrate his 26th birthday on the 14th of that month. Just five days before though, on the 9th, Boosie will face a judge for sentencing related to his October […]

Lil Scrappy – Peace of the Pie

September 12th 2009

album coming SOON!!! and me and @DiamondAtl mixtape Mr. & Mrs. Smith 8:36 PM Aug 27th from mobile web– Lil Scrappy’s twitter page Don’t call it a comeback. Lil Scrappy (BIO) didn’t go anywhere. With a new album The Grustle along with a mixtape Mr. & Mrs. Smith with longtime girlfriend […]

Johnnie Cabbell – Music’s Next BIG CEO

July 19th 2009

In today’s music industry, rarely do we come across CEOs, executives, and managers that evoke the passion for the artists they represent. Usually, it’s money driven and good for business only. But when interviewing Johnnie Cabbell, I found a man who not only possessed passion and loyalty for the artists he represents, but shows heart […]

Hurricane Chris – Storm Trackin

July 16th 2009

If the internet is any indication of When you perform a Google search, he falls right under Hurricane Katrina. But unlike the now-infamous tragedy in 2005, Hurricane Chris is ready to make 2009 his year. Since his debut in 2007 with 51/50 Ratchet, Mr. Chris Dooley Jr. has worked to better position himself […]

Drake – The Best We Ever Had?

June 17th 2009

Aubrey “Drake” Graham is the hottest name in hip-hop right now. Why? Because Lil’ Wayne said so! Well, that isn’t the reason all by itself but it does help. Drake’s affiliation with Weezy’s Young Money label a year ago seems to have cemented his rise to stardom. That, along with two smash hits, “Best I […]

Diamond: Hip-Hop's Best Friend

May 14th 2009

In science class we learned that a diamond’s evolution takes thousands of years. It begins with a living organism that dies in a natural environment. Over time forces of nature – pressure, heat, and time – act upon the organism. Soon it emerges as coal. Left over more time, the coal can be mined and […]

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